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Linda Kohanov on Tour

Linda & Rasa
photo by Kevin Anderson

For the first time in five years, Linda Kohanov will go on tour this summer/fall, with booksignings, lectures, and workshops scheduled in Denver/Boulder, CO (May 27-31), San Francisco Bay Area (June 2-9), Portland, OR (June 11-18), Chicago, IL …

April 20, 2013

In this issue:

The First Ever Eponaquest Riding Apprenticeship

Which Apprenticeship Program is Right for Me?

Announcing the First Eponaquest Riding Apprenticeship

As Linda Kohanov’s new book The Power of the Herd hits stores, bringing horse-inspired wisdom to human leaders, several Eponaquest faculty members have …

Just Released: Rasa Dance CD

CD cover art by Kim McElroy

Over the last decade, people who have learned to dance with horses through a variety of workshops at Eponaquest have been requesting the music we’ve been using for this interspecies relationship-boosting practice. Finally, Linda Kohanov and her husband, composer …

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