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Eponaquest News — October 24, 2014

“Travel” Tips from Linda Kohanov

Ever since I began collaborating with horses as partners in life and work, I’ve been traveling outside my comfort zone in more ways than one—the month long trip to Europe earlier this fall being the most recent of many exciting …

Eponaquest News — September 23, 2014

Cloud islands over the ocean on Linda’s flight home.

Reflections Over the Atlantic

By Linda Kohanov


In the last month, I’ve been traveling around Europe, meeting a host of wonderful new people and horses, visiting some impressive farms, cities, towns and cathedrals in Holland, Germany, …

Eponaquest News – August 15, 2014

Eponaquest Instructor and Assistant Ranch Manager Lucinda Vette rides Merlin’s son Orion. For an update on Orion’s progress and other recent and classic photos of the Eponaquest herd, check out our new Facebook page.

Join the Eponaquest Worldwide Herd Online!

Eponaquest Worldwide has joined social …

Eponaquest News – June 2014

Linda on Tour

Linda Kohanov is travelling again this summer. She just recently returned from a highly successful trip to Damascus, Maryland where she gave an evening lecture for the public and presented her very popular four-day Power of the Herd: Leadership for the 21st

Eponaquest News – December 18, 2013

Peace Offering, Women Nurturing Horses by Shari Montana

Mandela and Other Heroes: The Real Meaning of Hope, Courage, and Forgiveness

by Linda Kohanov

With Nelson Mandela’s recent passing, the world continues to mourn the loss of a great leader while celebrating the life of this …

November 2013 Eponaquest News

Epona Advanced Study Experience (EASE)

For over a decade, the EASE program has been one of the cornerstones of Eponquest’s advanced equine-facilitated human development offerings. This two-part intensive program is an in-depth exploration of the Eponaquest Way of the Horse as a profound journey of …

Eponaquest News – September 23, 2013

A Letter from Eponaquest Founder Linda Kohanov


Merlin & Spirit Sparring
photo by: Maureen Luikart

This year, I’m very excited to share a new tool/approach I developed based on research I stumbled upon while writing The Power of the Herd.

A bit of background: …

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