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Spaces Still Available in Primal Reunion

There are still spaces available in Linda Kohanov and Steve Roach’s upcoming workshop collaboration Primal Reunion.

April 18 – April 20 | $1500

Primal Reunion:
Harmonizing Spirit and Nature, Logic and Feeling, Sound and Silence, Masculine and Feminine to Strengthen and Deepen Our Relationship to

Spring Workshops at Eponaquest

In this edition, founder Linda Kohanov shares photos she took of spring flowers at her Eponaquest at Eagle Way horse facility and the surrounding desert last year, while offering an update on the equine-facilitated workshops featured this spring.

The Desert Blooms at Eponaquest

As record …

Happy New Year from Eponaquest

In 2015, may you have the courage to live an authentic, creative, empowered life, and the love to make it all worthwhile!

In The Power of the Herd, Linda Kohanov asked an important question: “What might we accomplish if we finally understood how to …

Eponaquest News — December 25, 2014

In this edition, Linda Kohanov writes about an experience she felt was too challenging to publish in her first book The Tao of Equus. In finally sharing the contents of this long lost chapter, she also offers a special holiday gift: The Creation According …

Eponaquest News – December 2014

In this issue, Linda Kohanov features some of the evocative journeys that workshop participants have taken through seminars exploring equine archetypes of healing and transformation:

Over the last year, I’ve been collecting some powerful journeys from clients who are willing to share their experiences. It …

The Shepherd’s Task: Ancient Wisdom to Rejuvenate and Deepen Our Relationship to Service, Faith, Spirit, Community, Compassion and Calling

After numerous requests, Linda Kohanov will offer a three-day experiential version of her well-received one-day indoor seminar The Shepherd’s Task. This workshop, which will take place January 30 through February 1, 2015, will explore the compassionate, visionary approach to leadership, service, and conflict resolution that …

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