The Power of the Herd: Working with Eponaquest’s Horses to Master the Five Roles



shutterstock_191533634After wrapping up her successful 2016 Summer Book Tour events, Linda Kohanov will return home to the Eponaquest at Eagle Way Ranch to offer a four-day experiential workshop bringing together tools from her two latest works, The Power of the Herd and The Five Roles of a Master Herder. Participants will receive copies of both books, and practice skills featured in each through a powerful combination of equine-facilitated learning activities and step-by-step processes that help people take these principles back to the human world. Participants will also take the Master Herder Professional Assessment, and receive coaching in how to interpret the results. The workshop is designed to help people recognize and capitalize on their strengths while learning how to their boost skills in all five roles.

Practicing with Eponaquest’s herd of experienced teaching horses offers a unique opportunity to learn how to work with different personalities, from the gentle and cooperative to the shy and highly sensitive to the more challenging dominant horses who demand a refined and committed use of power. “While I love to travel and meet new horses,” Linda says, “there are some limitations to how deep I can take participants at these guest facilities. Working with my own herd allows me to choose horses who I know can nurture and sometimes safely challenge people and therefore efficiently teach more advanced skills that I cannot cover in the introductory workshops I’m pleased to do in other cities.”

There are still four spaces left in The Power of the Herd: Working with Eponaquest’s Horses to Master the Five Roles which will be held October 6 to 9 at Linda’s home base in Arizona.

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For questions or assistance registering contact: Sue Smades at or 520-455-5908. Group rates are available for businesses, social service agencies, nonprofits, and families who would like to send two or more people to this event. Contact Sue Smades directly for more information on this option.

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What Participants in Virginia Beach and Lethbridge Canada Said about the Five Roles of a Master Herder Workshop and Professional Assessment

“An excellent framework for self-assessment and growth as well as strengthening interpersonal relationships.”
— Brenda Turner

“The first assessment I’ve taken that feels like I wasn’t forced to create a false choice or ranking. I love the broad and interesting integrations Linda has made between seemingly different worlds. The explanations and tools she has developed to communicate these skills are remarkable.”
— Sheri Miller

“This was excellent information in an easy to follow format. Paying attention to Linda’s clear teaching style was very helpful for working with my own children and the children I serve. The Professional Assessment provided excellent insight into both my conscious and my shadow patterns, as well as un-awakened potential gifts. I would love to work with this model further.”
— Kelly Crockett

“Provided a deeper understanding of people’s behavior which will allow for better interactions, less stress and angst, more productivity, less blame and judgment, and clearer insight as to how to help people develop skills that will allow them to live more in balance.”
— Barbara Beach

“Enlightening! I want more!”
— Louise Goodly

“The fresh approach of looking at roles that we can all learn to use in balance, as opposed to defined personality traits, is hugely helpful. The information is manageable and I’ll immediately be able to apply this work in my business.”
— Heather Ranger

“It just makes so much sense. I realize more and more that I can access all these roles every day.”
— Janet Murray

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