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Workshops with Linda

Way of the Horse: Authentic, Heart-Centered Wisdom for Self-Reflection, Personal Well Being and Professional Success

Apr 6 to Apr 7, 2019 at Amado, Arizona

Introductory Workshop Facilitated by Linda Kohanov

Black Horse Wisdom

Apr 12 to Apr 15, 2019 at Amado, Arizona

Introductory or Advanced – Facilitated by Linda Kohanov

The Power of the Herd Advanced Intensive

Apr 26 to Apr 29, 2019 at Amado, Arizona

Advanced Workshop — Facilitated by Linda Kohanov

Harnessing the Invisible: A Transformational Approach to Leadership, Innovation, and Authentic Community Building

May 18 to May 21, 2019 at Amado, Arizona

Introductory and Advanced – Facilitated by Linda Kohanov

Beyond Words: Human-Animal Relationships and Sentient Communication

May 24 to May 27, 2019 at Rowe, Massachusetts (The Rowe Center)

Linda’s only East Coast program in 2019.

Beyond Words: The Art and Science of Sentient Communication® — Mindful, Heart-Centered Intelligence for Personal Well Being and Social Transformation

Jul 19 to Jul 22, 2019 at Missoula, Montana

1-Day Introductory Overview or 4-Day Full Experiential Workshop — Facilitated By Linda Kohanov & Shari Montana

Spotlighted Advanced Workshops

Currently no additional advanced workshops are listed.

Linda Kohanov interviews William Shatner about his new book Spirit of the Horse

Linda and RasaMission Statement

Eponaquest, LLC is a multi-disciplinary educational organization where humans, horses and other animals are supported in co-creating a new way of being, one that emphasizes authenticity, collaboration, and experimentation. The emphasis is on learning how to thrive rather than simply survive, expanding both human and animal consciousness/potential.

Eponaquest considers the constant interplay of body, mind, spirit, and emotion, developing intuition, flexibility, and inter-subjective relationship skills to balance Western indoctrination in logic, rigid methodology, competitiveness and objectivity — ultimately bringing these opposites into an empowered balance. Conventional and unconventional theories on the nature of human and animal consciousness/behavior are investigated, challenged, and constantly updated through a process of experiential investigation…

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