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A Stellar Podcast

Join author and Eponaquest founder Linda Kohanov and Rupert Isaacson, bestselling author of The Horse Boy, for an in-depth, wide-ranging conversation on the healing and transformational potential of the horse-human bond. Rupert featured Linda on his podcast Equine Assisted World, and the two had …

True Freedom

Eponaquest starts off the new year with a brand new workshop. True Freedom is a four-day seminar especially for women who want to reclaim power, authenticity and creativity from multi-generational family and social institutions that marginalize feminine wisdom and perspectives. This equine-facilitated experiential workshop, held …

Happy Holidays from Eponaquest

Happy Holidays from Eponaquest! Do you have horse enthusiasts or people interested in personal and professional development on your shopping list? Or are you looking for a new and different way to treat yourself as we move into 2024? If so, now is a great …

Nada Brahma Coming in November

Two partial scholarships have been made available to this unique offering from Linda, her two-time Grammy nominated husband Steve Roach, and visionary musician and dancer, recording artist, and healing arts practitioner, Serena Gabriel. Nada Brahma will take place November 9th through 12th in beautiful Amado, …

Mind Under Matter: More from The Tao of Equus

This month, the Eponaquest News will share thought provoking excerpts from the revised and expanded edition of Linda Kohanov’s highly influential book The Tao of Equus. The new edition will be published in June 2024, but you can get an in-depth look at how

Partial Scholarships Available

Two partial scholarships have been made available to one of Linda Kohanov’s most popular workshops. Black Horse Wisdom will take place October 6 through 9 at her beautiful desert ranch in Amado, Arizona.

“The founders of Nelda Studios, producers of my online courses, are real …

The Promise of Independence Day

In this July 4th edition of her online newsletter, author Linda Kohanov shows how our current cultural and political struggles are nothing new in US history. Most importantly, she offers ideas for how to move out of this current stage of rebellious adolescence into a

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