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Also, specific contact information follows:

Workshop and Lodging Information or 520-455-5908

Providing Feedback to Eponaquest About Workshop and/or Instructor Experiences

Eponaquest Office: or 520-455-5908

U.S. Mail, UPS and FedEx:

1725 W. Eagle Way
Amado, AZ 85645

Official International Eponaquest Websites:

The below websites are official websites for Eponaquest Instructors in each of the countries listed. On these websites you can find lists of Instructors in those countries, program information and other information you may find useful as you explore the Eponaquest Approach to Equine Facilitated Learning in these countries. If you need assistance with translating information from English to another language please use resources provided on the websites below, or refer to the list of Eponaquest Recommended Instructors at for countries not included in this list.

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