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Connection Focused Therapy® Trainings in 2022

Connection Focused Therapy® is the Polyvagal informed multi-disciplinary approach created by Dr. Rebecca Bailey and Linda Kohanov to help people become empowered as individuals while also learning to support, collaborate with, and draw strength from their loved ones, peers, and communities. In this effort, Rebecca …

June 2021 Eponaquest News

In this edition of the Eponaquest News, author Linda Kohanov discusses the upcoming Connection Focused Therapy workshop in Minneapolis July 22 to 26, which she will be co-facilitating with Dr. Rebecca Bailey. Linda also presents a first look at Dr. Bailey’s new book on how

Hidden Wisdom

Regardless of training technique, riding discipline, challenges or goals, the Connections 101 online course will help you work more effectively with the horses, rescue animals and pets in your life. And it will enhance your relationships with people as well.

Linda Kohanov, author of five …

Connections: Life Wisdom from the Herd

Author Linda Kohanov Launches an In-Depth Online Course

Happy 2021!

It certainly has been a strange time, especially as COVID-19 continues to limit so many aspects of our lives and our work. Yet, as author and Eponaquest founder Linda Kohanov learned, there are both challenges …

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