The Universe is Sound: Journey into the Healing and Transformational Power of Music

What happens when you bring together internationally recognized author and pioneer in equine-facilitated learning, Linda Kohanov, her two-time Grammy nominated husband, Steve Roach, an American pioneer in the evolution of ambient/electronic music, and Serena Gabriel, a visionary musician and dancer, recording artist, and healing arts practitioner? Nada Brahma, a workshop experience like none other.

Nada Brahma is a Sanskrit phrase that essentially means “the universe is sound.” Ten people will have the unique opportunity to join Linda, Steve, and Serena for 4 magical days of exploring the transformative power of sound and music, silence, sacred sonic space, and more, while nestled in the Arizona desert beneath the Santa Rita Mountains, at the home of Eponaquest, and its herd of 10 beautiful horses. This adventure is open to anyone with the thirst to tap deeper into the essence of our sonic birthright, embracing sound, music, and silence as a daily tool for well-being and enhancing our personal creative pathways.

Participants will explore spontaneous music making, extended live journey concerts, mantras, and sacred chants.

Bringing all of this together at points along the way will be integrative horse experiences that exercise mindfulness, deep peace, nonverbal communication, and a spirituality that allows people to fluidly move between a grounded, earthy existence and other worlds of creativity and possibility.

No previous horse experience or musical experience is necessary, only a desire to expand your horizons, access untapped talent and potential, and, perhaps most importantly, enjoy life more fully.  

In this workshop, you will discover and practice ways to:

  • Facilitate creative expression in all aspects of your work and life
  • Deepen and expand the connection to sound and music as a daily essential experience
  • Create sonic sacred space together
  • Connect to the inner wisdom/inner teacher through sound
  • Explore the process of creating sacred and ambient music at home, regardless of experience
  • Learn about ancient wisdom traditions that use music for healing and transformation
  • Immerse yourself in the expanded awareness and deep peace that horses experience naturally
  • Access “interpersonal mindfulness,” a rarefied state that allows you to collaborate with others more deeply and effectively

“Steve and Serena have both led musical modules at my horse-facilitated workshops that really help people expand creativity, mindfulness, shamanic states of consciousness, and nonverbal communication to enhance the horse-facilitated work we do for personal and professional development,” Linda says. “I’m thrilled that we will be able to take the musical element farther and deeper in our first ever Nada Brahma workshop. This time, the horses will be supporting the music and the sound explorations that add another dimension to healing, transformation, expanded awareness, and fulfillment.

For more information, please contact Sue Smades in the Eponaquest business office at 520-455-5908 or To register:

A Special Saturday Night Concert and a Sunday Afternoon Ambient Lounge:

This workshop will follow a weekend of musical events in Tucson featuring Steve Roach performing a full-length concert with supreme sound and a mind-expanding light show by Francisco Mendez/Noctivision on Saturday, September 17. Then on Sunday the 18th, there will be a more intimate, “Ambient Lounge” event at the historic Hotel Congress featuring sets by Steve, Serena Gabriel, and Jeff Greinke. Tickets for both events are available at:…/steve-roach-live-in-tucson…

“I’m very pleased to see that a number of people from around the world have secured tickets for these concerts, and several have also signed up for the Nada Brahma workshop which starts three days later,” Linda says. “It’s going to be an exciting way to kick off another season workshops here at our Arizona ranch.”

Here’s an overview of the other upcoming workshops taking place at Eponaquest Worldwide this fall.

Connection Focused Therapy:

Join Dr. Rebecca Bailey and Linda Kohanov, two prominent innovators in the fields of equine-facilitated therapy and experiential learning, for their Healing the Herd: Connection Focused Therapy® workshop. This training program, intended for therapists, caretakers, and horse professionals working closely with therapists, teaches advanced techniques for helping individuals and families with complex case scenarios, including post-traumatic stress from abuse, war, criminal acts, or accidents, high or low conflict divorce, as well as dealing with difficult change situations. There are two more opportunities to attend the CFT training in 2022 – August 18th through August 22nd in Kenwood, California, or November 17th through November 21st in Amado, Arizona.

Black Horse Wisdom:

For those interested in learning to exercise intuition and creativity, and working on personal development and relationship skills, join Linda for Black Horse Wisdom – September 29th through October 2nd.

The Power of the Herd:

The Power of the Herd: Working with Eponaquest’s Horses to Master the Five Roles will take place November 3rd through November 6th. In this four-day, in-depth workshop, Linda combines tools from her two latest works, The Power of the Herd and The Five Roles of a Master Herder. Practicing with Eponaquest’s herd of experienced teaching horses offers a unique opportunity to learn how to work with distinct personalities, from the gentle and cooperative to the shy and highly sensitive to the more challenging dominant horses who demand a refined and committed use of power. Participants will learn how to enhance the Five Roles of a Master Herder through the use of several key skills featured in the 12 Power of the Herd Guiding Principles. These innovative models—based on an ancient source of wisdom—offer a much-needed perspective on how free, empowered people can navigate continuously changing social and economic climates.

Sentient Communication:

Beyond Words: The Art and Science of Sentient Communication® will bring the 2022 workshop offerings to a close December 1st through December 4th. This innovative experiential learning workshop brings together the latest research on mind-body science and the healing power of the human-animal bond with specific techniques for reducing stress, enhancing health, and cultivating meaningful, mutually supportive relationships with people and animals. Special guest Ann L. Baldwin, Ph.D. will share her influential research on the physiology of horse-human interactions, heart health, biofeedback, and energy healing. The workshop is ideal for healthcare professionals, counselors, equine-facilitated therapy practitioners, parents, teachers, leaders, horse trainers, and animal rescue-workers who would like to learn skills to promote individual well-being, foster stronger personal relationships, boost professional effectiveness, and enhance interspecies intercommunication.

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