Way of the Horse: Equine Archetypes for Self-Discovery

The revised and expanded edition of Way of the Horse: Equine Archetypes for Self-Discovery brings horse wisdom to the human world—at a whole new level. Originally published in 2007, this popular guidebook by Linda Kohanov, and accompanying deck of images by Kim McElroy, features two new cards and essays, and lots of updated information. 

“Kim and I are so impressed with the new design,” Linda says of the kit created by St. Martins Essentials. “I was also pleased to have the opportunity to revise all the essays with new insights and scientific studies that simply weren’t available when I wrote the original book over 15 years ago.”

In honor of the newly revised version, Linda was also commissioned to create and host a professionally-produced 80-minute online course covering the history and philosophy behind the cards. In this beautifully-filmed presentation, she demonstrates how to use the cards and guidebook for daily reflection, and how to engage more intricate readings on deeper questions.

From the Way of the Horse Course

“The equine perspective on life and relationships demanded that we create an updated approach to conventional wisdom decks,” Linda explains. “Each card represents a different lesson that horses are available to teach us when we are receptive to their mindful, expansive, nonpredatory wisdom.  You don’t have to own or ride a horse, or even have a previous interest in horses to benefit from the rich insights they have to share.  But over the years, we’ve also seen that riders and trainers use the deck to gain valuable new perspectives on how to work more effectively with these magnificent beings.”

The online course is available at: https://neldauniversity.samcart.com/products/wayofthehorsecheckout?fbclid=IwAR3ZRYY6MINySQvFTifDn3cioUis04kNobexlfdaqJSbgwoCllToIUeDbP4

For a limited time only, enter the coupon code “horsewisdom20” to receive 20 percent off the list price of the online course.

The new edition of Way of the Horse wisdom cards and guidebook kit is available at standard online retailers, such as Amazon.com and Barnes and Nobel.

You can also order an autographed copy at this site. https://steveroach.com/…/way-of-the-horse-book-oracle…/ which does ship internationally. While supplies last, people who order from this link will also receive a free copy of the Rasa Dance CD, featuring music by Linda’s husband, Grammy nominated composer Steve Roach. “There is a card in the deck called ‘Rasa Dance,’” Linda explains. “For years, we have used this CD to support gentle horse dancing activities at workshops worldwide. It’s also an evocative soundtrack for reflection, meditation, and yes, card readings.”

As a special bonus for people who enroll in the online course, we will offer 20% off the autographed Way of the Horse book and card deck with the Rasa Dance CD. You will receive a special order link and discount code in the welcome letter you receive after registering for the online course.

Here’s what fans of the Way of the Horse have to say about their experience with the deck and guidebook:   

Several years ago, I experienced a crisis that set me on a path of spiritual transformation. At the beginning of the journey, Linda and Kim’s Way of the Horse book and card deck came into my hands. They served as a source of solace, wisdom, encouragement and guidance. Without them, I would have been lost in despair. Instead, they changed the course of my life, in the way that just the right insight, perspective or word of support from a friend or mentor can do when offered at just the right time. That’s the magic of the Way of the Horse. I’ve seen the magic work with clients as well, as the cards trigger memories, evoke longings, suggest lessons and provide a starting point for conversations. I’m thrilled that a new edition is now available.

Sarah B. Barnes, Ph.D., Boulder, CO, Author and Eponaquest Instructor 

Part of my daily routine, these cards help me center myself, show me challenges that are coming up, and remind me of the power of intuition and being present. I can’t recommend them highly enough!

Katherine Marine, Tucson, AZ

These cards changed my life! I’ve used them personally, with my children, friends and clients to answer questions and uncover deeper meanings. There are times when I have put them to use in the barn in conjunction with working with the horses or before or after. Something magical happens when you connect the work to an actual living herd! If you can’t connect with a real horse, these cards are the next best thing.

Cat Caldwell Myers, Libertyville, IL

I have had my deck for a decade and use it frequently in workshops and retreats, as well as personally. They are unparalleled in my opinion as a means to connect individuals to their Purpose and Intention, and to the spirit of the horses they have come to work with. I have witnessed many people receiving messages and guidance from these cards, and being quite literally blown away by their accuracy.

Dawn Oakley-Smith, Senior Faculty Member with IFEEL in the UK.

From the Way of the Horse Course

I bought them in 2009 and it’s a great tool for my equine-assisted-counseling practice. I’m a interactional psychotherapist (still in education) and working with images is such a great addition!

Sara Swinnen, Equicoach, Belgium

I have used them since I first got them in 2009, when I started my journey as Eponaquest instructor. Since then, they have been a incredible tool in my personal and professional life. I am an Eponaquest instructor and POH facilitator. I do use them every time I have a group or a one on one session, and I do offer mini readings. It has been challenging, as in Italy, not many people know English well enough to understand them, so I translate them all. And now… well. I can’t wait to have the new updated deck and book.

Emma Lucia Trossarelli, Eponaquest Facilitator, Founder of E.M.M.A Equine Guided Experience

Way of the Horse is an excellent tool for developing a deeper connection with your horse and yourself! I have experienced tremendous growth as a psychologist and a horse woman by pulling a card while asking myself, “What do I need to keep in mind today when I am with Tara (my horse) or for personal growth?” I keep the message in mind for that day or week. My thoughts, responses to challenges, and emotions have been positively influenced by this practice!

Liza Auciello, PsyD, Licensed Psychologist in California

The Way of the Horse card deck is my go to when there’s a quest for validation or insight of discovery of what’s behind a troubling problem. Since graduating in 2008 to be an Eponaquest facilitator, these cards have always been in my tool belt. I’ve used them for intuitive readings for many people, with and without horses .I often will use them when I do a Reiki session to understand the history behind an illness or injury. I have used them to help others look beyond the facade sometimes worn for protection. They are a gentle way of going in-depth to those scary places hidden.

Jean DiMarco, Reiki Practitioner, Level II.

This series of cards is profoundly special. The illumination of key emotional and psychological themes in the accompanying essays/writings goes way beyond wellbeing and inspiration and has become an integral part of rescripting and repair in my psychotherapeutic practice and for personal use.

Mary-Joy Johnson, Wildways Therapy and Dare to Live Trust, UK

I use them in my professional coaching practice with the horses, a card drawn by the client and examined after the session with the horse to deepen the insight. I also use them in groups as a take home message at the end of a workshop, and/or as guidance at the beginning of the workshop. This can really help clients understand more about the current pattern, or the root cause of what has guided them to the horses, for example. I use them for clients on zoom sessions too, sometimes aa a Johari window for insight. I use them sometimes to gain insight before a client’s session – and I use them often for insight into animal healing sessions I do…horses, cats, dogs. Deeply insightful to consider along with other archetypal issues playing out in a client’s lineage. Universally loved!

Judy, Principal, Mindful Horse, Mindful Leader, NSW, Australia.

From the Way of the Horse Course

I use this amazing tool with my personal and corporate clients. Love it. Adds many “a ha” moments to each session and event!

Jeannine Miller, Certified Professional Leadership and Team Building Coach with ICF

This is a must have for both personal and professional reflection. The wisdom contained in the paintings and pages has the power to transform hearts and minds.

Gail Boone, Eponaquest Instructor, Canada

Linda’s beautiful cards highlight archetypical themes that expand across cultures. Incorporating the beautiful themes and art work found in the cards and guidebook generate bountiful conversations that can be taken in a variety of directions.

Dr. Rebecca Bailey, CA, Author of Equine Connections: Polyvagal Principles

I’ve used this awesome set for myself and with a few clients when we’ve done EAL/EFW sessions. It’s a wonderful way to begin and encourage an open-minded thinking process take place. I’ve enjoyed the self-discovery of the information too. The artwork and way the book is written is easily understood and the cards are easy to use. Totally adaptable for most ages as well.

Jennifer Ann Maciej, Certified Equine Canada Coach

From the Way of the Horse Course

What a wonderful instrument of healing. Touching hearts and moving Souls with in-depth psychological knowledge coupled with the wisdom of the horses. A truely beautiful creative work which I use with clients and for myself. I have gifted this volume to my nearest and dearest. It is timeless.

Colette Green MA, Cork, Ireland, Integrative Psychotherapist Practicing Equine Assisted Psychotherapy

One of my favorite ways of using the Way of the Horse card deck is as part of my daily “morning pages” journaling process. I often start with asking in my notebook “what does the horse consciousness want me to be aware of at this time?” I then pull a single card and then look up the corresponding reading. I copy into my journal those statements from the reading that resonate with me at that time and then go on to write other impressions that come up for me. When I slow down, I look at Kim McElroy’s beautiful images and the words from my subconscious begin to flow. What an enjoyable and fun way to support my personal growth. Thanks Linda and Kim!

Chrissy A, Great Cacapon, WV

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