Eponaquest Releases the 2023 Spring Workshop Schedule

After a successful return to a full schedule by the close of the 2022 workshop season, Eponaquest looks forward to 2023. The New Year sits only a few days away, and the team, both horse and human, are taking a brief, well deserved break. Linda Kohanov has just released the 2023 spring workshop schedule, and along with that information, some special holiday discounts that will be available for a short time only. Read on for details.

The spring will open March 17th through the 20th with one of our most popular programs – Black Horse Wisdom. This program exercises intuition, builds creativity, explores equine archetypes of transformation, and includes visionary journeying experiences with music, while strengthening personal development and relationship skills in non-riding activities with horses.

If you’ve already joined us for Black Horse Wisdom and want to continue exploring on a deeper level, join us for Black Horse Wisdom 2 March 24 through 27 . This is an advanced intuition and deep personal development workshop for those who have attended Black Horse Wisdom in the past.

April begins with The Power of the Herd: Working with Eponaquest’s Horses to Master the Five Roles, where participants will work with the Eponaquest herd to learn how to work with different personalities, from the gentle and cooperative to the shy and highly sensitive to the more challenging dominant horses who demand a refined and committed use of power. Through a powerful combination of equine-facilitated learning activities and step-by-step processes, attendees will learn how to take these principles back to the human world.

April 14th through the 17th, participants will take part in Linda’s newest offering — Deepening the Bond: Sentient Communication® for Equestrians, Pet Owners, and Animal Advocates. This workshop will teach unique, innovative, research-based techniques for rehabilitating animals who have endured challenging situations, and perhaps most importantly, offer ways to help people and animals engage in mutually supportive relationships that prevent trauma to begin with. Linda Kohanov explains the latest scientific principles that illuminate features of the nervous system unique to mammals. She shows how to capitalize on the “physiology of safety and connection” to help ourselves and others become more resilient and centered during challenges. She will also show us how to use our own nervous systems to calm horses, dogs, cats and other animal companions during stressful situations, techniques that ultimately enhance our human relationships as well.

Dr. Rebecca Bailey will join Linda to wrap up the spring offerings, May 18th through the 22nd for Healing the Herd: Connection Focused Therapy® for Therapists and Other Professionals Working with Trauma Survivors and Families in Crisis. These two prominent innovators in the fields of equine-facilitated therapy and experiential learning, come together to once again offer their training for therapists, caretakers, and horse professionals working closely with therapists, who would like to learn advanced techniques for helping individuals and families with complex case scenarios. This includes post-traumatic stress from abuse, war, criminal acts, or accidents, high or low conflict divorce, and reunification/reintegration following familial or non-familial abduction.

In addition to the spring workshops, there are still a few spaces remaining in our winter programs:

January 14, 2023 – January 17, 2023 — Way of the Horse: Authentic, Heart-Centered Wisdom for Self-Reflection, Personal Well Being and Professional Success (2-Day Introductory or 4-Day Advanced Workshop) 

February 4, 2023 – February 7, 2023 — Nada Brahma: The Universe is Sound 

March 3, 2023 – March 6, 2023 — Writing Between the Worlds: A Transformational Writers’ Retreat with Linda Kohanov 

Linda is offering a 10% discount on all in-person workshops. This offer will expire on January 5, 2023. To take advantage of the discount, please contact the Eponaquest business office at info@eponaquest.com.

Linda is also offering a 50% discount on Connections 101: Life Wisdom from the Herd, her online course, (discount good through January 5, 2023). This 7 hour, self-paced, visually engaging course teaches emotional and social intelligence skills unique to Eponaquest. The course has been embraced by people worldwide who want to enjoy more mindful, connected, resilient relationships with humans and animals. In addition to people interested in personal and professional development, the course is employed by coaches, therapists, social service agencies, educators and horse trainers to help their own clients learn valuable skills that help people negotiate life’s challenges and reach their full potential. This is the first time Linda has offered the course at 50 percent off. “I’m going to release several new online courses next year,” Linda says, “and I thought it would be great for people to receive the introductory course at a significant year end discount to offer real tools for supporting New Year’s resolutions to live happier more fulfilling lives.” The course includes a guided visualization with original images and music that help you achieve a highly productive state of “relaxed alertness” conducive to greater creativity, confidence and connection with others. You will also receive free access to monthly Connections 101 group Zoom sessions with Linda where you can share your successes and challenges, ask questions and receive new tools that build on the skills offered in Connections 101. To register go to https://nelda.tv/connections-with-linda-kohanov/, and use the code 50horse at checkout.

Here’s wishing you all a Happy New Year, and a joyful and successful 2023. We hope to see you soon!

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