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The Hidden Promise of Christmas

In this edition of the Eponaquest News, author Linda Kohanov offers some ancient, yet still unconventional, insights into the “Hidden Promise of Christmas.” Regardless of your religious, or non-religious, background, this holiday essay offers hope for the future through a deeper understanding of the past,

Happy Holidays!


Happy holidays from Linda Kohanov and the Eponaquest Herd! Linda’s publisher @NewWorldLibrary is offering a special 50% discount (& free shipping in the U.S. on orders of $20 or more ) on every book they publish, including the five titles Linda has written! Simply …

A Desert Oasis

For many people, winter weather encourages, sometimes demands, rest and reflection. But in the Arizona desert, the cerulean blue skies and expansive, primeval landscapes encourage exploration, inspiration, and renewal. Over the last eight years, Eponaquest at Eagle Way has become an oasis for adventurous spirits …

Nature‘s Genius



Studies of brilliant, tool-making crows reveal the optimal environmental conditions for supporting genius in humans. But as author Linda Kohanov shows in the article below, a devastating flaw in modern society works against talented people who might otherwise create life-saving and life-enhancing innovations.

Four Stone Age Power Tools

In her 2013 book The Power of the Herd, author Linda Kohanov described four unproductive habits that wreak havoc in personal, professional, and cultural situations. These “Stone Age Power Tools,” as she calls them, are currently acted out on the world stage in volatile

Explore Ancient Wisdom for Modern Families; Learn A Balanced, Nature-Based Approach to Leadership; and Discover How Partnerships with Animals Changed—and Continue to Change—Humanity for the Better During Four Workshops in Minnesota and Montana

Linda Kohanov finishes her extensive 2017 tour with a late-September trip to Missoula, Montana. “As Arizona baked in 118 degree heat at times, I’ve enjoyed traveling around the US and Canada this summer, meeting so many inspiring people and horses,” she says. “I’m looking forward …

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