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Four Stone Age Power Tools

In her 2013 book The Power of the Herd, author Linda Kohanov described four unproductive habits that wreak havoc in personal, professional, and cultural situations. These “Stone Age Power Tools,” as she calls them, are currently acted out on the world stage in volatile

Explore Ancient Wisdom for Modern Families; Learn A Balanced, Nature-Based Approach to Leadership; and Discover How Partnerships with Animals Changed—and Continue to Change—Humanity for the Better During Four Workshops in Minnesota and Montana

Linda Kohanov finishes her extensive 2017 tour with a late-September trip to Missoula, Montana. “As Arizona baked in 118 degree heat at times, I’ve enjoyed traveling around the US and Canada this summer, meeting so many inspiring people and horses,” she says. “I’m looking forward …

The Shepherd’s Task: Ancient Wisdom to Rejuvenate and Deepen Our Relationship to Service, Faith, Spirit, Community, Compassion and Calling

After numerous requests, Linda Kohanov will offer a two-day experiential version of her well-received one-day indoor seminar The Shepherd’s Task. This workshop, which will take place June 23 through June 24, 2017 in Missoula, Montana, will explore the compassionate, visionary approach to leadership, service, and …

Requiem for a Magical Horse

On the 31st anniversary of her stallion Midnight Merlin’s birth, author Linda Kohanov explores the mystical elements of his life and death. “I still don’t understand how what happened came to pass,” she says. “I can only report what happened, in repeated cycles of remembrance …

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