The New, Revised and Expanded Edition of The Tao of Equus Has Arrived!

Linda Kohanov’s influential book The Tao of Equus was one of the first to delve into the mental, emotional, spiritual, and transformational aspects of the horse-human bond. Considered a classic, it challenged widely accepted notions about animal intelligence, offering in-depth examples of horses as gifted healers and profound companions, backed by a multi-disciplinary approach to research capable of grounding the miraculous into a mind- and heart-expanding journey. The revised edition brings in new theories, scientific studies, historical perspectives, and more potent anecdotes that weren’t available when author Linda Kohanov wrote the original over 20 years ago.

“In many ways, this is a whole new book,” says the author, who spent over a year rewriting, expanding and editing the revised edition. “When the original version was published, I actually had people walk out of lectures and book signings when I discussed emotional states in horses. Over 10 years later, the Cambridge Declaration on Consciousness in Nonhuman Animals confirmed that animals do have emotions, intention, and consciousness. Back in the early 2000s, the fields of equine facilitated therapy and experiential learning were brand new, and many people were skeptical. It was difficult at that time to offer more than anecdotal evidence to support the increasing incidents of profound transformations people experienced when they allowed horses to influence human thought and behavior. These days, I’m happy to say, more equestrians are also embracing the breakthroughs that occur when we acknowledge horses as partners, teachers and guides.”

In the updated edition, Linda weaves in surprising new research and scientific theories that help to explain why animals in general and horses in particular are capable of supporting people who feel alienated by or mistrustful of family, friends, coworkers, and social institutions. “New information into the structure of the nervous system we share with mammals shines a massive spotlight on how and why horses not only help heal trauma but also help ‘well-adjusted’ people to really excel in life and work,” she explains.

Still, the original book’s popularity rests to a great degree on Linda’s willingness to explore the spiritual aspects of the horse-human bond. “I have to say that, oddly enough, some of these scientific theories shed light on mystical experiences I shared in the original book,” Linda says. “For instance, I gathered peer-reviewed studies in several disciplines that help to explain nonverbal, even telepathic interactions between the two species. This gave me the courage to share some examples I left out of the first edition because they seemed a bit too far out at the time,” Linda says. “Going through every line of the book, adding some impressive new examples backed by studies that lend deeper insight into what horses are truly capable of, was a next-level transformational experience for me as well.”

The revised and expanded version of The Tao of Equus: A Woman’s Journey of Healing and Transformation through the Way of the Horse has just arrived in stores and online services. In honor of the publication, you can receive $100 off her upcoming Tao of Equus 2024 workshop (held October 17 through 20) if you register before July 1. (Because of the deep experiential nature of this horse-facilitated workshop, Linda has limited the class to eight people who would like to join this four-day overview of the activities and principles she and her horses have developed over the last 25 years. There are only 3 places remaining, so don’t delay if you’d like to attend.) For more information on the event The price of the workshop currently listed on the website reflects the $100 discount.

The new book has already received glowing reviews from authors, researchers, and leading figures in the equestrian and equine-facilitated therapy/experiential learning fields. Check out the endorsements below:

Praise for the revised edition of The Tao of Equus

“The Tao of Equus is a classic. What does that mean exactly? Something ‘classic’ is
an entity that gets passed from generation to generation and stands the test of
time because it continues to function, to give value and meaning, and despite
being from a previous age, stays relevant to whichever present it is currently
informing. The Tao of Equus has taken its place among the classics of equestrian
literature and will be required reading for any horseman or -woman of the future
in the same way that it is today. Linda Kohanov was one of the first to point
out that the horse carries not just the human body but the human psyche, and
that the marriage of those bodies and psyches transforms both into the realm of
the shamanic, the transformative, on multiple planes. This updated edition of
Kohanov’s classic work takes the reader and rider even deeper into the realm
of myth and insight, with new explorations of the horse as healer, as well as
transformer, of the human. A must-read.” — Rupert Isaacson,
author of The Horse Boy

“In the revised and updated version of her seminal book, The Tao of Equus, Linda
Kohanov provides a pertinent scientific framework to elucidate how the sentient
wisdom of the horse is whispered back and forth between horse and human.
She skillfully weaves neuroscience, the polyvagal theory, and some exciting new
research into and between personal anecdotes, healing experiences, dreams, and
mythology. The reader discovers how horses and humans have coevolved to reciprocally
regulate each other’s physiological states and foster mutual growth and
restoration. This timely book will inspire not only people interested in horses but
all those who recognize the importance of reviving the wisdom of the ancients
and restoring our engagement with nature before it is too late.”
Ann L. Baldwin, PhD, Professor Emerita of Physiology
at University of Arizona, director of Mind-Body-Science,
and author of The Vagus Nerve in Therapeutic Practice

“This masterpiece invites us to join Linda Kohanov on her extraordinary journey
with horses as she harvests a magnificent maturation of her work that she first
introduced over twenty years ago. Expect to have an adventure, a trail ride over
many landscapes and across time, if you will, traveling deeply into revelations of
the depth of our human connections with our horse ancestors and discovering
fresh, empowering possibilities for our future.”
— Trish Broersma, author of Riding into Your Mythic Life:
Transformational Adventures with the Horse

“The Tao of Equus inspired the addition of equine-facilitated learning into our curriculum
for medical students and residents. Linda Kohanov’s ongoing research
as a teacher, trainer, and writer, reflected in this new edition, is an important
contribution to the field of integrative medicine and to our center.”
— Devorah Morris Coryell, director of Integrative Medicine Elective
Rotation (IMER), Andrew Weil Center for Integrative Medicine

“Linda Kohanov escorts readers through a transformative spiritual odyssey with
horses as the guiding spirits. There’s an old adage that says, ‘When the student
is ready, the teacher appears.’ If this book crosses your path, my advice would
be to open your heart and mind and let it in.”
— Warwick Schiller, horse trainer, host of
The Journey On Podcast, and author of The Principles of Training

Praise for the first edition of The Tao of Equus

“The Tao of Equus reveals the transformative, healing power that is implicit in
the human-animal bond. It is a startling challenge to anyone wishing to limit
consciousness to humans.”
Larry Dossey, MD, author of Reinventing Medicine

“This articulate, well-researched story brings together many disciplines of learning
and weaves a magic carpet for discovery with our horses. The Tao of Equus
will allow your imagination to take flight, and give you insight into yourself
and your equine partner.”
The Equestrian News

“Kohanov is a steadfast writer who isn’t shy about claiming a strong feminine approach,
showing how mythology and history are filled with examples of powerful
woman-horse connections. She also has the courage to reveal her paranormal
experiences with these intensely emotional and intuitive animals — stories that
may sound familiar to anyone who has ever loved and dreamed of horses.”’s Best of 2001

“An exciting, multidimensional work.”
NAPRA Review

“This inspirational book would make an excellent gift not only for horse lovers,
but for anyone dealing with fundamental questions of grief, sadness, and

“This is a new story in which both masculine and feminine are healed, raised to
honored positions, and offered a clean slate — a tabula rasa — for the dawning
of a new era.”
Noetic Sciences Review

“The Tao of Equus helps us to experience the exquisite balance between body,
mind, and spirit.”
Lynn V. Andrews, author of Medicine Woman

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