Eponaquest Founder Linda Kohanov Available for Remote Consultations During the Coronavirus Quarantine

“Luminous Reflections over Elephant Head Mountain” Photo by Linda Kohanov

Best-selling author Linda Kohanov is often asked if she offers phone and internet-based sessions. Usually her busy touring and workshop schedule does not allow time for private consultations of any kind. However, during the next six weeks, she has a number of openings due to the postponement of her European tour.

“I just recovered from the virus myself,” she says. “It was quite an ordeal. However, I gained some intriguing insights during that time which I will share in an upcoming newsletter. There were actually a number of tools and insights I gained from the horses over the years that were essential to my mental and emotional resilience during this challenge, as well as some key pieces that helped me better handle the physical aspects of this health crisis.”

Now that she is “back to work,” Linda is designing some online courses that she hopes to launch by the summer. In the meantime, she is also offering hour-long remote consultations. Some of the subjects she can address by phone, Skype or Zoom include emotional and social intelligence skills, developing a higher tolerance for vulnerability, managing contagious emotions, nonverbal communication techniques that help regulate your own and others’ nervous systems during challenging situations, cultivating emotional heroism during times of conflict and uncertainty, preparing for difficult conversations, leadership challenges with horses and people, accessing and following your dreams, working more effectively with frightened or aggressive horses and people, managing your own inner critic, and many other topics related to personal and professional development. As an innovator in the field of equine-facilitated learning, and co-creator of the Connection Focused Therapy® model with Dr. Rebecca Bailey, Linda can also offer insight into questions that facilitators and therapists have about employing horses in the work of human development.

“I’m also often asked to do in-depth card readings using the Way of the Horse set of horse wisdom cards I created with artist Kim McElroy,” Linda says. “This can easily be done remotely. Using the cards for deeper insight into just about any question allows us to have a creative conversation that offers new insights into issues that our normal everyday thinking processes cannot access. And for those of you who would like to do some creative visualization and journeying work, this too is possible remotely.”

“I feel inspired by my experience facing and thankfully recovering from the most intense physical illness I’ve ever had, and I’m looking forward to engaging more meaningfully with people as we all move forward together. Ironically, technology is giving us the opportunity to connect and explore soulful solutions to all kinds of questions during this challenging time. I look forward to speaking with some of you soon! In the meantime, be safe, be healthy, and for those of you who are quarantined at home, here’s hoping that you are enjoying a bit of peaceful reflection that will serve you well when it is safe to step out of our homes and create a new, more conscious, more conscientious, more vital world together.”

For more information and to book a time with Linda, please contact Sue Smades at info@eponaquest.com or 520-455-5908.

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