Eponaquest News — August 26, 2013

In This Issue:

  • Sharing Merlin’s Story in Parabola: Introducing “non-predatory power” to readers of a prestigious journal
  • Horse Sense in the Big Apple: An innovative new workshop in the heart of the city
  • A Special Five-Day Intensive

Sharing Merlin’s Story in Parabolapower-cover-store (2)

The Fall 2013 issue of Parabola features an extensive article by Linda Kohanov titled “Taming the Angry Stallion: The Power of Nonviolence.” The highly respected, quarterly journal focuses on mythic and spiritual traditions from around the world and their relevance to modern life. Each issue covers one of the timeless themes of human existence. Over the past 37 years, the internationally-recognized, New York-based magazine, published by the Society for the Study of Myth and Tradition, has featured a variety of powerful themes, including The Hero, Initiation, Mask and Metaphor, Ceremonies, Labyrinth, Twins, The Shadow, Peace, and Miracles, among many other intriguing topics.

“I’ve subscribed to this amazing magazine on and off for years,” Linda says, “and always fancied writing for it someday. Last April, I was standing in line at Whole Foods of all places and happened to see that they carried it on their newsstand (a refreshing change from the gossip magazines you see at most grocery stores). Leafing through the Spring issue, I saw a little ad announcing that they were accepting articles for the Fall issue about Power. I scrambled to write them a brief query in the midst of our busiest workshop season, and a month later I was scrambling to get a major article to them days before I left on the first leg of my book tour!”

This was no small task considering that Linda merged her own frightening, frustrating yet ultimately transformational experiences with her stallion Midnight Merlin with stories of how Alexander the Great, the Buddha, and George Washington learned to combine courage, compassion, mindfulness, and nonviolent power through their own encounters with unruly stallions.

You can find the latest issue of Parabola in many bookstores, and at Whole Foods, of course. You can also order directly from Parabola online at www.parabola.org. While you’re at it, you may want to order back issues on other intriguing themes, or subscribe to this inspiring quarterly.

Alexander the Great Taming Bucephalus by F. Schommer
Alexander the Great Taming Bucephalus
by F. Schommer

Horse Sense in the Big Apple

Based in part on the synchronicity and subsequent success of this article, Linda decided to take a leap of faith and bring a dose of horse wisdom to the heart of New York City.

Titled The Power Behind Nonviolence: Horse Sense for Challenging Times, this two-day workshop October 3 and 4 is her only East Coast appearance in 2013, and her first ever seminar in NYC.

For a two-page (double side) color flyer on this event, which will take place at the META Center (214 W. 29th Street) contact info@eponaquest.com.

To register online: http://eponaquest.com/workshop-registration/

“I’ve had a lot of success this summer doing indoor workshops for larger groups,” Linda says. “This allows people to learn horse-inspired techniques that they can immediately take back into the human world, at a much lower tuition rate than I can offer at horse-facilitated workshops. There are still experiential elements that engage nonverbal communication techniques and practice in the necessary conversational skills that we all need to employ horse wisdom with people. Participants who’ve attended Eponaquest or other equine-facilitated workshops in the past have found this to be a great way to catch up on the latest skills featured in my new book, and learn how to translate these tools for the workplace, school, home, and other situations where getting along well with people is essential to professional success as well as a fulfilling life overall. Some of these people also find that this is a great opportunity to bring family members and business colleagues to learn the same emotional and social intelligence skills that workshop attendees learned at previous Eponaquest workshops.

“At the same time, people intrigued by the horse work, who aren’t sure if they have the time or funds to work directly with horses at this time, get a real taste of what this horse-inspired modality has to offer people, while learning skills they can immediately take back to their homes, schools, offices, churches and other spiritual communities. Some of them end up contacting Eponaquest instructors in their areas after attending my workshop. Others find that they want to do some phone-based sessions with Eponaquest instructors who specialize in teaching the Power of the Herd Guiding Principles. (These instructors have the POH designation beside their names on our website.)”

Artist Unknown
Prince Siddhartha (the Buddha) training a violent stallion.
Artist Unknown

“And finally, we’ve had a number of businesses, both for-profit and not-for-profit, send entire teams to these workshops to learn important emotional intelligence and conflict resolutions skills. For this reason, I also offer special group rates for organizations sending four or more people to these events.” Contact the Eponaquest office for more information on special groups rates at info@eponaquest.com or 520-455-5908.

In The Power Behind Nonviolence workshop, Linda will demonstrate how the skills she accessed to rehabilitate Midnight Merlin, a dangerous, formerly abused stallion, can be translated into handling challenging people and situations.

Linda has fully adapted these advanced “horse whispering” principles to human contexts. This two-day indoor seminar is for anyone who wants to learn new ways to transform interpersonal conflict, power struggles, bullying, and other challenges at home, school, and work, as well as in political, religious, or social activism contexts. You’ll learn to engage compassionately with others while holding them accountable for unproductive behavior, creating constructive alternatives to interactions that normally result in shame, blame, and retaliation. And you’ll learn how to negotiate blocks to success while keeping your heart and mind open, allowing you to tap the power, vision, and courage to follow your dreams.

Again, for additional information, contact info@eponaquest.com for a full color flyer on this unique and powerful event.

A Special Five-Day Intensive

Linda will also be doing a greatly expanded, five-day, horse-facilitated version of this workshop at her Arizona ranch January 10 to 14, 2014. Those who attend the two-day version in NYC and decide they want to delve into the horse-facilitated skills can receive a 10 percent discount off the January intensive, as can anyone who registers for this powerful event by October 15. This in-depth experience is limited to nine people. For a detailed description of The Power Behind Nonviolence 5-day intensive go to http://eponaquest.com/workshop-details/?event=757. For more information or to receive a 2-page flyer about this program contact info@eponaquest.com.








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