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Linda on Tour

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Linda Kohanov is travelling again this summer. She just recently returned from a highly successful trip to Damascus, Maryland where she gave an evening lecture for the public and presented her very popular four-day Power of the Herd: Leadership for the 21st Century workshop. The picture to the right was taken at the lecture at Great Strides ranch during the trip. In the photo are Eponaquest Instructor and Great Strides owner Terry Lewis, Linda Tellington-Jones, Meg Daley Olmert and Linda.

Linda Tellington-Jonesis a world-renowned author and the founder and director of the Tellington TTouch Method, a gentle form of bodywork and movement exercises for enhancing learning, behavior, performance and health in animals and people.

Meg Daley Olmert is an expert on the biology of the human-animal bond. She is a documentary writer and producer, the Director of Research for the Warrior Canine Connection and author of Made for Each Other: The Biology of the Human-Animal Bond.

“It was such a great surprise to meet up with these amazing pioneers at my lecture,” Linda says. “And thanks to Terry’s hospitality, we were able to spend some time sharing ideas, stories, and hints of innovations to come from each of these women.”

Meg Daley Olmert also cited Linda Kohanov’s work in her TedxTalk “Sit, Stay, Heal,” an overview of the potential of the human-animal bond. To view the talk:


While in Maryland, Linda had the chance to visit Mount Vernon, home of George Washington, who she wrote about extensively in her fourth book The Power of the Herd. “I gained some fascinating new insights on Washington’s visionary leadership abilities and the challenges he faced motivating people to carry out his wishes at his own farm—even when he was the president of the United States! I can’t wait to share a particularly inspiring story about an innovation he made in response to his farm workers engaging a kind of passive aggressive rebellion while he was at the White House. After a period of frustration, Washington developed an impressive invention for his workers that involved a new way to employ horses in helping humans handle a sticky challenge—an invention that Forbes magazine cited as one of ‘The Five Best Inventions of the Founding Fathers.’ Whether or not you are interested in horses and innovative organic farming techniques, this is a powerful parable of how visionary leadership works. I hope to share this with Eponaquest News readers in the coming weeks. And I will certainly be sharing it with people who attend my upcoming workshops.”

Linda has now moved on to Missoula, Montana where she is presenting at the 2014 Mind, Body, Spirit Conference: Horses, Interspecies Communication and Health, which takes place June 27th – 29th at the University of Montana. In addition, Linda will be facilitating a 3 day Eponaquest equine facilitated learning intensive – The Power Behind Nonviolence: Horse Sense for Challenging Times June 30th – July 2nd at River Pines Farm in Missoula before moving on to the Portland, Oregon area for a presentation to Nike management executives.

Linda will also be heading to Europe soon for her first ever tour. Stay tuned for further details in the weeks to come.

In the meantime, space is limited in Linda’s fall U.S. workshops, which are now posted at the website. Black Horse Wisdom has a couple of spaces left, and the popular workshop The Power of the Herd is already beginning to fill as well.


Eponaquest Down Under:

Spaces Available in the Australian Apprenticeship 2-Day Workshop

There are still spaces available in the 2-day Apprentice introductory workshop Journey with Horses taking place in Tamworth, Australia July 25th and 26th. Click the link above for more information on this special opportunity. “I just had the pleasure of working with this new class of apprentices from Australia and New Zealand when they came to Arizona in May,” Linda says. “They are a smart, sensitive and talented group. If you live in Australia or New Zealand, this is a great way to sample the Eponaquest work while also supporting these future Eponaquest instructors in practicing their facilitation skills.”

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