Greetings from Belgium

Linda with Charlie, one of 7 horses she is working with in Belgium for the next two weeks. Photo by Natascha van den Bergh, Aha-Design.



Author and equine-facilitated learning pioneer Linda Kohanov shares photos and news from Europe, with an update on workshop spaces still available during her last stop on a five-week tour of France, Holland and Belgium.






Hof Ter Weden is a little piece of paradise.

As temperatures approach 110 degrees at my Arizona desert ranch, it’s refreshing to don a sweater and light jacket on evening hikes through the whispering forests, pastoral landscapes, and artful gardens of my scenic Belgian “home away from home.” The talented horses on this leg of my journey live and work at Hof Ter Weden, a stunning historic farm located just over the Holland border about a two-hour drive from Amsterdam.

After each inspiring yet somehow still relaxing day of teaching, our equine colleagues meander languidly through thick grass pastures surrounded by fruit trees, carefully restored buildings, a scenic pond, massive manicured hedges, towering trees, and acres of fragrant flowers.

Linda (right) with Eponaquest Instructor Josselien Janssens (left) and Hof Ter Weden owner Erika Ver Berne.

The grounds at Hof Ter Weden are so beautiful that groups come for tours several times a week just to wander through a fairytale landscape. Erika and Paul Van den Bergh-Ver Berne, who moved here five years ago, brought this somewhat run-down property back to life, turning it into a warm, functional, classy conference center. They are the perfect hosts. Erika is herself an equine coach, and we’re grateful that she, Paul and their herd have truly welcomed us into this little piece of paradise. For more information on Hof Ter Weyden:

A snapshot of the Boterberg castle with Linda and her gargoyle “friend,” second floor on the left.

My colleague, Dutch Eponaquest advanced instructor Josselien Janssens, and I are staying in an old castle located minutes away from the workshop site. There’s actually a stone gargoyle on the second story balcony outside my little suite. If any ghosts are hanging around this place, my own personal dragon seems to be protecting me from them. The space, and the nature preserve surrounding it, are incredibly peaceful. Since it stays light well past 10 pm this time of year, I can enjoy a leisurely dinner and still take a long nourishing walk through ancient forests as the deer shyly emerge at twilight.

An in-depth, nine-day training for European Eponaquest instructors and a two-day equine-facilitated workshop for the public are both filled, but we still have spaces open in two events for larger groups: the perfect excuse to visit this stunning Belgian wonderland while also learning about how horses and other animals can help us become more balanced, empowered, compassionate human beings.

Linda facilitates a training session for new Eponaquest Instructors with Karlo, a member of the Hof Ter Weden herd.

On Thursday, June 28, I’ll offer an evening program titled The Heart of Evolution: Exploring the Hidden History and Untapped Potential of the Human Animal Bond. This seminar explores surprising scientific theories that suggest horses may have been the ones to reach out to our primal ancestors 30,000 years ago. As ancient equines and humans began to form mutually beneficial relationships, people were forever changed, behaviorally and biochemically, by these early interspecies partnerships—long before city dwellers learned how to restrain, and in some cases, enslave, our four-legged friends. In the 21st century, animals are regaining their status as teachers and healers. I’ll share some brand-new research that shows how they enhance our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health.

Photo of Linda and Charlie by Natascha van den Bergh, Aha-Design.

Friday, June 29, I’ll lead a day-long workshop on the topic of my latest book The Five Roles of a Master Herder: A Revolutionary Model for Socially Intelligent Leadership. This seminar is open to anyone interested in how to become a more effective leader, teacher, parent, counselor, manager, health-care professional, or community organizer. The workshop is useful for those who work in corporate, non-profit, educational, political or social activism settings. No horse experience or previous interest in horses necessary. A nutritious lunch and time to wander the scenic gardens are a part of this mind-expanding, skill-building event that helps you take horse-inspired wisdom back to the human world.

Here are the links for more information and registration:

Heart of Evolution:

Master Herder Day-long Training:

I also have much to share from the first three weeks of my tour in France and Holland. But that will have to wait for the next edition of the Eponaquest News. In the meantime, I hope to meet some of you in Belgium next week!

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