leaning towerVenues have been confirmed for Linda’s June 5 and 6 lecture and skills building workshop based on her fourth book The Power of the Herd: A Nonpredatory Approach to Social Intelligence, Leadership and Innovation. This critically acclaimed 2013 volume has just been released in French translation, resulting in the author’s tour of France in late-May to mid-June.

“The evening presentation on June 5 and the skills building workshop on June 6 are both indoor events designed to help people take the wisdom horses reveal back to the human world,” Linda says. “Now more than ever we need to refresh our ideas about leadership, relationship, connection, and mutual support. Parents, teachers, social activists, entrepreneurs, health care workers, equestrians, and managers in all kinds of businesses need to activate a solid, courageous yet compassionate approach to leadership that transforms aggression, builds trust and inspires people to work together for a better future. As a consummate nonpredatory power animal, the horse offers a unique perspective on how to achieve this enlightened balance.”

The book and related seminars explore what horses have to teach humans about leadership and social intelligence, with extensive historical and scientific research showing why the world’s most effective leaders and social innovators, from Alexander the Great to the Buddha to George Washington and Winston Churchill, were exceptional horsemen who honed the nonverbal skills associated with leadership presence on horseback. The book also translates the practical skills horses teach into human contexts at work, school, home, church, and political and social activism contexts.

For more information on the June 5 and 6 Paris events (in both English and French), and to register, see the link below:…/the-power-of-the-herd-horse-sense-…/


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