Recommended Instructors

The individuals listed below have completed the Eponaquest Apprenticeship Program and have committed to upholding the Eponaquest Best Practice Guidelines. These individuals are thus recommended and sanctioned by Eponaquest as Recommended Eponaquest Instructors in the facilitation of the Eponaquest Approach™ to Equine Facilitated Learning. 

You no longer have to travel to Eponaquest to experience the Eponaquest way of relating to — and learning from — horses! Eponaquest Worldwide is pleased to announce the following riding instructors, therapists and equine experiential learning practitioners  have completed an extended and rigorous apprenticeship program.

These professionals, who are now Eponaquest Instructors, are qualified to teach basic Eponaquest techniques in horse-human relationship skills, mind-body awareness, emotional fitness, assertiveness, and authentic leadership. Some are licensed therapists adept at including horses in the healing process. Others are experienced horse trainers and riding instructors who understand the emotional, mental and spiritual dynamics of horse-human relationships. Still others are gifted equine experiential learning practitioners who employ horses in teaching advanced human development skills. Feel free to contact them directly, and mention that you’d like to explore The Eponaquest Approach™. Many instructors are willing to travel to facilitate workshops outside their respective areas.

Kathleen Barry Ingram and Linda Kohanov created, collaborated and facilitated the first nine Apprenticeship programs together, along with other Advanced programs at the Eponaquest. Kathleen has expanded her interests and direction, and now has her own consulting/coaching practice. Her website:

The Eponaquest Apprenticeship program continues now under the direction of Linda Kohanov, Eponaquest Advanced Instructor staff members and various Eponaquest Instructor assistants. You may also notice that certain instructors have the letters “AI” listed after their names. These professionals are “Advanced Instructors” (prior to 2013 known as Advanced Approved Instructors) who have completed an additional 160 to 240 hours of training.

Eponaquest Instructors are encouraged to fully develop their own strengths, perspectives and techniques. While they teach certain core principles and activities developed at Eponaquest, they are discouraged from trying to emulate Linda Kohanov’s unique style of facilitation. Horses, after all, respond most positively to authenticity. For this reason, we suggest that you interview several instructors in your area to find the best match for your needs and approach to life. In addition, you are invited to email feedback on your experiences with Eponaquest Instructors to

Persons who have completed an intensive Eponaquest training program that prepares them to work in partnership with an Eponaquest Instructor are designated Eponaquest Instructor Partners (EIP). These partner instructors are listed on the Eponaquest website only if they are working with an Eponaquest Instructor.

All other persons listed below are Eponaquest Instructors (prior to 2013 known as Eponaquest Approved Instructors), authorized to use The Eponaquest Approach™ in facilitating Equine Facilitated Experiential Learning (EFEL) programs.

While Eponaquest does not train people to do Equine Facilitated Psychotherapy (EFP), those who are licensed/certified/ qualified psychotherapists and choose to add their Eponaquest training to their psychotherapy practice, are professionally responsible for their choice and may list the EFP title. Individuals who are trained in other fields are also identified below. The following code explains abbreviations:

  • AI – Advanced Instructor (Prior to 2013 known as AAI – Advanced Approved Instructor)
  • CEFIP – Certified Equine Facilitated Interaction Professionals, in Mental Health or Education
  • EFEL – Equine Facilitated Experiential Learning
  • EFMHA – Equine Facilitated Mental Health Association
  • EFP – Equine Facilitated Psychotherapy
  • EIP – Epona Instructor Partners
  • MH – Master Herder Instructor – An instructor who has done advanced study on how to teach the Five Roles of a Master Herder, including how to administer and interpret the Master Herder Professional Assessment.
  • NARHA – North American Riding for the Handicapped Association
  • POH – Power of the Herd Leadership Program trained Eponaquest Instructors
  • RFI – Riding Focused Instructor (Eponaquest Instructor who has completed the Riding Focused Apprenticeship)
US West Coast
Encinitas (San Diego County)
Susan Crimmins Ph.D., Licensed Clinical Social Worker, NY, Somatic Experiencing Practitioner (SEP), EFP, Naturalistic Healing of Trauma with horses, AI, POH, MH
Phone: 310-633-3800
Los Angeles
Adriana Sevahn Nichols POH, BFA Theatre Arts
Phone: 917-902-5552
Morro Bay (See also Bainbridge Island, Washington & Surprise, Arizona)
Sandra Sell-Lee AI, POH, MA, Professional Certified Coach(PCC)
Phone: 206-799-3527 Web:
Mountain Center
Nancy Waite-O’Brien POH, MH, PhD, Licensed Psychologist, Certified Equine Facilitated Interaction Professional – Mental Health
Phone: 951-659-9988 Web:
Mountain Center (near Idyllwild)
Lydee Scudder Jin Shin, Jyutsu Practitioner and Self-help Instructor
Phone: 951-659-5401 Web:
Nevada City
Tara Coyote POH, Energy Healer, Certified Massage Therapist and Pilates Instructor
Phone: 530-432-9507 Web:
North Fork (between Fresno & Yosemite)
Pamela Reid Certified Riding Instructor (for novices only)
Phone: 559-877-4819
Ojai (Santa Barbara, Ventura)
Anna Carnathan M.A., AI, POH, Riding Instructor: English, Western
Phone: 805-646-9788
Dale Carnathan POH
Alexandra Clerc RFI, BA Psychology, Graduate of Klaus Hempfling Compact Schooling
Phone: 415-425-8394
Carmen Acton MA Psychology, MBA, AI, POH, RFI
Phone: 707-364-4917
Point Reyes Station, Marin County
Susan Lincoln MA, POH, MDiv, Ordained UCC Minister
Phone: 415-663-1666
Running Springs
Michael Grden (Mufasa) Massage Therapist and Equine Sports Massage
Phone: (909) 939-0329
San Diego
Sasha N. Levy POH, MH
Phone: 352-239-8469
San Diego area
Patricia Cameron Vitiello Licensed Clinical Social Worker, AI, EFP, POH, Change Management Consultant, Executive Coach
Phone: 619 334-9174 Web:
Robert Vitiello EIP
Valentina Annerino Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist, EFP
Phone: 858-334-5776
Vickie M. Cottle AI, POH, MH, Somatic Experience Practitioner, CEIP-ED
Phone: 619-659-0193
Santa Rosa
Cindy Jarrett Communications & Relationships Consultant, Shamanic Practitioner
Phone: 707-824-8474 Web:
Shingle Springs (Sacramento, S. Lake Tahoe area)
Cathryn Clerc M.A. Integral Counseling Psychology, POH, Holistic Life Coach
Phone: 415-810-2740 Web:
Sonoma County
Julie Bridge AI, POH, CEGE, Executive Coach
Phone: 415-297-6848 Web:
Tehachapi, Kern County
Patricia Cameron Vitiello Licensed Clinical Social Worker, AI, EFP, POH, Change Management Consultant, Executive Coach
Phone: 619 334-9174 Web:
Temecula (near San Diego and Riverside)
Angela Caceres POH
Phone: 951-237-8817
Kailua-Kona & Maui
Linda Kingsbury POH, Ph.D. Holistic Health Consultant, Animal Reiki Instructor
Phone: 208-883-9933 Web:
US Southwestern
Amado (Tucson area)
Lucinda Vette J.D. (Juris Doctor), AI, POH, MH, Conscious Riding and Horsemanship Instructor, United States Pony Club B Graduate
Phone: 920-216-1714 Web:
Cave Creek (just north of Phoenix)
Jacquie Braly AI, POH, MH
Phone: 541-280-4466 Web:
Contact Information Unavailable
Wren Breedlove
Katheryn (Kathy) Ortiz POH
Phone: 503-313-0472 or 480-626-7236 Web:
Dulce Garcia AI, Ph.D., MBA
Phone: 505-934-6675 Web:
Elizabeth Loper
Phone: 928-713-7627 Web:
Rio Rico
Sue Smades AI, POH, MH, BA Education, BA Communication Theory & Human Relations, Eponaquest Staff, Eponaquest Apprenticeship Faculty
Phone: 520-205-1107
Belle Shook AI, MC, Master of Counseling, LPC Licensed Professional Counselor, BA in Experiential Learning Leadership Development and Team Building, Personal and Executive Life Coach
Phone: 928-301-7688 Web:
Nancy Coyne MD, Psychiatrist, AI, POH
Phone: 520-455-5918 or 207-751-7109 Web:
Paula Bixby
Phone: 207-594-9428
Shelley Rosenberg AI, RFI, POH, “L” Level Dressage Judge Graduate
Phone: 520-419-6467 Web:
Surprise (See also Bainbridge Island, Washington & Morro Bay California)
Sandra Sell-Lee AI, POH, MA, Professional Certified Coach (PCC)
Phone: 206-799-3527 (November – April) Web:
Erin Menut M.A., POH, Yoga Instructor (E-RYT 500), Jin Shin Jyutsu Practitioner
Phone: 801-647-3078 Web:
Carol Dickman Physical Therapist
Phone: 520-318-3571
Charlotte Richardson POH, MH, Special Education Teacher
Phone: 520-247-4453 Web:
Devorah Morris Coryell
Phone: 805-234-1913
Diana Will POH, BSW, Reike Master
Phone: 520-971-9717 Web:
Elizabeth Fagan LCSW, EFP, Transformational Coach
Phone: 917-208-3907 Web:
Elysa Ginsburg BA Psychology, AI, POH, MH
Phone: 520-488-9550 Web:
Kathleen Barry Ingram MA, BCC, AI
Phone: 520-322-5949 Web:
Kathleen McGarry POH, Usui Reiki Level 3
Phone: 520-400-2134
Rebecca Paradies MA, Expressive Arts Therapy, AI, POH
Phone: 520-299-3354 Web:
New Mexico
Kathleen Barry Ingram MA, BCC, AI
Phone: 520-322-5949 Web:
Lisa Murrell AI, POH, MH, Professional Certified Coach (ICF), Executive Coach, Organization Development Consultant
Phone: 845-687-4324 Web:
Jennifer Grais Shamanic Practitioner (Graduate, Harner Method)
Phone: 575-776-8059
Lynne Silver MA, Licensed Professional Counselor, AI
Phone: 512-477-5067 Web:
Sarah Janosik AI, Licensed Clinical Social Worker, EFP
Phone: 512-327-3723
Kathy Pike Polarity Therapy Practitioner, Life Coach, Leadership Development
Phone: 720-432-6616 Web:
Francie Kilborne JD, Advanced Mediation Certificate from University of North Texas, POH, MH
Phone: 469-617-0193 Web:
Lauren Curtis M.A., Licensed Professional Counselor—Intern, EFP
Phone: 832-875-4258 Web:
Regina Hausler Ph.D. Licensed Psychologist, POH
Phone: 830-895-3701
Kilgore (East Texas)
Lori Wilson AI, POH, MH, Certified Professional Coach, Registered Yoga Teacher
Phone: 903-238-3586 Web:
Shelley Rosenberg AI, RFI, POH, “L” Level Dressage Judge Graduate
Phone: 520-419-6467 Web:
Pilot Point (hour north of Dallas & Ft. Worth)
Sara B. Willerson AI, Licensed Clinical Social Worker, EFP
Phone: 214-596-8300 Web:
US Southern
Tammy Wilbur BA, BS, Registered Pharmacist, Riding Instructor/Trainer, Reiki II
Phone: 205-365-7444
Central (Winter Park/Oviedo/Orlando)
Laura Barrett AI, RFI, Horse Trainer, Riding Instructor (Hunter/Jumper, Dressage), Reiki II
Phone: 321-377-2555 or 407-365-5456 Web:
Nicole Davis
Jenelle Branom RFI, United States Hunter Jumper Association Certified Trainer, Assistant Rider and Instructor at Barrett Farm of Florida, Inc.
Phone: 407-242-4546 Web:
Palm City (Stuart)
Anne Steuart AI, POH
Southwest Ranches
Giselle Faubel Licensed Clinical Psychologist, EFP, POH, RFI
Phone: 954-661-8586 Web:
Diane Molony Licensed Massage Therapist, Certified Equine Sports Massage Therapist
Phone: 727-938-4477
Gillian Bergamo Horse Trainer, Riding Instructor (children and beginners)
Phone: 706-338-1791
Jen Cleere MFA, AI, POH
Phone: 770-765-7652 Web:
Lisa Murrell AI, POH, MH, Professional Certified Coach (ICF), Executive Coach, Organization Development Consultant
Phone: 845-687-4324 Web:
Jasper (north Metro Atlanta)
Melanie Dallas M.S., AI, POH, Licensed Professional Counselor, EFP
Phone: 706-692-0131
North Carolina
Barbara Alexander POH, Reiki Master/Teacher, Life Coach, Business Consultant
Phone: 828-712-8993 Web:
Karen Head MEd, AI, Creative Arts Education
Phone: 828-682-9157 Web:
South Carolina
Barbara Alexander POH, Reiki Master/Teacher, Life Coach, Business Consultant
Phone: 828-712-8993 Web:
Amanda Ball POH, MH
Phone: 901-628-9670
Kristin Ames (formerly Hungenberg) BA, Yoga and Tai Chi Instructor, Riding Instructor
Phone: 970-397-7299 Web:
Contact Information Unavailable
Makanah Morriss
Joy Bradley MD, POH
Phone: 540-797-4085
US Rocky Mountain Region
Sheri Gaynor POH, Licensed Clinical Social Worker (state of Colorado), Registered Expressive Arts Therapist, EAGALA Level 2, EFP
Phone: 970-618-0561 Web:
Denver/Boulder Metro Area
Kathy Pike Polarity Therapy Practitioner, Life Coach, Leadership Development
Phone: 720-432-6616 Web:
Sharon Y. Bringleson BA, AAI Certified Equine Massage Practitioner, Intuitive Counselor, Somatic Archaeology Practitioner
Phone: 970-674-1334 or 970-631-2379 Web:
Tara Pogoda AI, POH, Associate in Occupational Studies, Certified Massage Therapist, Trauma Body Therapist, Parelli Level 2/3
Phone: 303-638-6997 Web:
Dove Creek (Southwestern Colorado)
Robbie Nelson POH, Occupational Therapist Registered (OTR), Kinesiology/Brain Integration Practitioner
Phone: 970-677-2939 Web:
Fort Collins/Loveland Area
Sharon Y. Bringleson BA, AI, Certified Equine Massage Practitioner, Intuitive Counselor
Phone: 970-674-1334 or 970-631-2379 Web:
Tara Pogoda AI, POH, Associate in Occupational Studies, Certified Massage Therapist, Trauma Body Therapist, Parelli Level 2/3
Phone: 303-638-6997 Web:
Toni Petersen RPh
Phone: 970-846-8591 Web:
Jody Nixon AI, POH, RFI
Phone: 970-249-1212 Web:
Monument (north of Colorado Springs)
Laurel Boyer MA, LPC, CHA Riding Instructor, Heart-Centered Hypnotherapist
Phone: 719-488-6579 or 719-210-0668 Web:
Joe Esparza Leadership Coach, POH
Phone: 406-586-5504 Web:
Ris Higgins Leadership Coach, POH
Phone: 406-586-5504 Web:
Fort Shaw (30 miles from Great Falls)
Claire Casey EIP
Kitty Wright BS, AI, POH
Phone: 406-264-5783 or 406-788-8648
Shari Montana AI, POH, BA Clinical Psychology, BFA Painting and Ceramic Sculpture, Parelli Natural Horsemanship Trained Level 3, MNLink Kids & Horses Qualified Instructor
Phone: 406-207-6105 Web:
Oregon (central Oregon)
Therese Capozzola BSN, RN, Licensed Acupuncturist, Certified in Emergency Nursing, POH
Phone: 631-495-0865
US Northwestern
Francine Reuter MA Education, Certified Horsemanship Association Level 1 Riding Instructor
Phone: 907-345-9945 Web:
Linda Kingsbury POH, Ph.D. Holistic Health Consultant, Animal Reiki Instructor
Phone: 208-883-9933 Web:
Deb Reynolds POH, MH, Usui and Karuna Reiki Master
Phone: 541-508-8921
Bend/Central Oregon
Jacquie Braly AI, POH, MH
Phone: 541-280-4466 Web:
Erin Gill EIP
Holli Lyons BA (Management & Organizational Leadership), AI, POH, MH, Centered Riding and Natural Horsemanship trained
Phone: 503-662-3213
Gold Beach (just north of California)
Jacquie Braly AI, POH, MH
Phone: 541-280-4466 Web:
Jessica Paul AI
Phone: 541-647-4714 Web:
Lauren Loos MA, LPC, EFP & EFL, AI, POH
Phone: 503-320-0331 Web:
Bainbridge Island (See also Surprise, Arizona & Morro Bay, California)
Sandra Sell-Lee AI, POH, MA, Professional Certified Coach (PCC)
Phone: 206-799-3527 (May – October) Web:
La Center (greater Portland, OR area)
Willow Moore POH, Naturopathic and Chiropractic Physician, Non-Violent Communication Teacher
Phone: 425-314-2745 Web:
Maple Valley
Karin Schenkel M.Sc. in Clinical Psychology, Life and Wellness Coach, Leadership Development and Team Building
Phone: 425-985-5941 Web:
Olympia area
Leigh Shambo Masters of Social Work, Licensed Mental Health Counselor, EFP, AI, Riding Instructor
Phone: 360-266-0778 Web:
Port Townsend (Chimacum area)
Terry Persun BS, MA (Creative Writing), Level 3 Robert Moss School for Active Dreaming Instructor
Phone: 360-379-6885
US Northeastern
Joanne M. Wholey POH, Psychotherapist, MA Counseling, Licensed Professional Counselor (Connecticut), National Certified Counselor, Certified Internal Family Systems Therapist
Phone: 860-836-5125 Web:
Hartford/New Haven area
Chantal Laliberte MA Experiential Health & Healing, CPA, certified in Reiki & Sound Healing
Phone: 203-687-6199
Jane Strong Enneagram teacher
Phone: 860-364-5363
Bath: (see also Sonoita, Arizona)
Nancy Coyne MD, Psychiatrist, AI, POH
Phone: 207-751-7109 Web:
Abby C. Williams BA, AI, POH, Licensed Massage Therapist, Certified Equine Massage Therapist
Phone: 207-323-2223 Web:
Susan Middleton MA Clinical Psychology, Licensed Mental Health Counselor, EFP, Reiki Master
Phone: 781-576-9419 Web:
Larney Otis POH, M. Div.
Phone: 207-781-4277
Hancock (near Ellsworth)
Barbara K. Hanna PhD, LCSW, Board Certified Diplomat in Clinical Social Work, EFP
Phone: 207-460-3339
Mary-Louise Gould EdM, AI, POH, Certified Holotropic Breathwork Practitioner
Phone: 520-975-6126
Heather A. Taylor M.A.
Phone: 865-242-7551
Terry Lewis Licensed Certified Social Worker-Clinical, EFP, POH, MH, PATH Registered Therapeutic Riding Instructor
Phone: 301-253-1166 Web:
La Plata (30 miles south of Washington, DC)
Laura Day POH
Phone: 240-434-1467 Web:
Elizabeth Mary Kadar BA, RN, Certified Yoga Teacher, Level 1 Centered Riding Instructor, CBEIP (Certified Equine Interaction Professional-Education)
Phone: 413-441-5108
New York
Sharon Alley MA, POH, Educator, Artist, Reiki Master, English/German/Greek
Phone: 518-312-0424 Web:
Nancy Proulx POH, MH, EFL Horse Trainer
Phone: 716-731-2808
Karen Hall AI, M.A.
Phone: 315-695-7252 Web:
East Hampton
Elizabeth Fagan LCSW, EFP, Transformational Coach
Phone: 917-208-3907 Web:
New York
Jim Johnson POH, MA
Phone: 917-991-2006
New York City
Elizabeth Fagan LCSW, EFP, Transformational Coach
Phone: 212-249-0680 Web:
New York City area
David Sonatore Masters of Social Work, Certified Equine Massage Therapist
Phone: 347-439-1777 Web:
Jane Strong Enneagram Teacher
Phone: 203-454-7333
Kathleen Barry Ingram MA, BCC, AI
Phone: 520-322-5949 Web:
Lisa Murrell AI, POH, MH, Professional Certified Coach (ICF), Executive Coach, Organization Development Consultant
Phone: 845-687-4324 Web:
Red Hook
Jean M. DiMarco
Phone: 914-204-6212
Allison Kraft RFI, BS Equine Science, Horse Trainer, Dressage Riding Instructor
Phone: 406-560-3512
Bari J. Bannister Licensed Mental Health Counselor Board Certified Expert in Traumatic Stress, EFP
Phone: 518-654-2398 Web:
Francine Phillips MS.Ed, Certified Infant Massage Instructor
Phone: 845-485-7106
Renee McClure Licensed Clinical Social Worker, EFP
Phone: 610-404-4375
Pittsburgh area
Amy Wingrove BS, POH
Phone: 724-858-6647
Pamela C. Zamel Ph.D., M.Ed, Licensed Psychologist, EFP
Brookfield (20 miles from Montpelier)
Georgeanna Stapleton MA in Counseling Psychology, EFP
Phone: 802-276-2139 Web:
Sarah Barron MA, AI
Phone: 802-472-3825 Web:
US Midwestern
Antioch (near Wisconsin border)
Eve B. Lee AI, POH, Certified Shamanic Practitioner, Svaroopa Yoga Practitioner, Reiki Master
Phone: 847-638-6800 Web:
Barrington Hills (50 minutes NW of Chicago)
Marilyn Kortendick POH, BA Pastoral Life, Spiritual Director M-ISL, Focusing Work Training
Phone: 847-858-6440 Web:
Melanie Marklein PhD, Licensed Clinical Psychologist, POH, MH
Phone: 217-778-3452 Web:
Olney (45 miles south east of Effingham, IL)
Debi O’Brien POH, BA, Riding Instructor
Phone: 618-843-8702 Web:
Julie Jurgens POH, MH, RFI, BA Special Education, MA Educational Administration, Reiki III
Phone: 217-899-2183
Lori B. Cohen AI, BA, CEFIP-ED, NARHA Certified Instructor
Phone: 847-856-1621 Web:
Angola (near Michigan & Ohio border)
Sierra Hullinger POH, Equine Myofascial Release, Natural Horse and Rider Development
Phone: 260-316-1120 Web:
Brent Bowyer AI, POH, B.Soc.Sc., Dip Ed., Tai Chi and Meditation Instructor
Phone: 712-308-2052
Carol L. Hammon-Paulson POH, PhD, DMin, Licensed Psychologist (Transpersonal and Clinical), Board Certified Nurse Practitioner, Reiki Master
Phone: 316-832-2340 Web:
Ypsilanti (near Ann Arbor)
Patricia Wilkinson AI, ACSW, Licensed Master’s Social Worker, Certified NARHA Riding Instructor, Reiki II certified
Phone: 734-255-1310
Sarah Sander AI, Equine Natural Movement Practitioner
Phone: 520-780-0543 Web:
Cannon Falls (45 miles south of Minneapolis)
Tamara Callstrom
Phone: 612-597-2040 Web:
Minnetonka (near Minneapolis)
Molly DePrekel M.A., Licensed Psychologist, EFP, Education
Phone: 952-934-2555 Web:
St. Paul
Lisa Havelin MFA, MA, Licensed Associate Marriage and Family Therapist
Phone: 651-230-4035 Web:
Donna S. Clinton
Leslie (St. Louis and Central Missouri areas)
Angela Wilken POH
Phone: 573-301-7864
Andi Burgis POH
Phone: 760-535-3052 or 760-942-3539 Web:
Cathy Huddleston BA Equine Studies, AI, Communication Coach, Riding Instructor/Trainer for Dressage, Western Performance, & First Time Horse Owner
Phone: 951-595-9312 Web:
St. Louis
Kelly Ramey
Phone: 314-791-2139 Web:
Dottie Kluesener MA, AI, POH
Phone: 740-975-7379
South Dakota
Rapid City
Jennifer Garreau NARHA Certified Riding Instructor (English and Western), EAGALA Certified
Phone: 605-786-8863
Sandy Hardie AI, Certified Alcohol/Drug Counselor, Certified Clinical Supervisor
Phone: 920-477-2101
Juli Lynch PhD, AI, POH, MH
Phone: 715-634-4121 Web:
South America
Ana Alvarado Robles POH
Phone: 01159397333193
North America Outside US
Enderby, British Columbia
Helen Amanda Russell AI, POH, Riding Instructor, Massage and Reiki Practioner
Phone: 250-832-0503 or 250-307-7157 (cell) Web:
Issoudun, Quebec
Hélène Bernier AI, POH, CEFIP
Phone: 418-728-4696 Web:
Sylvain Poirier EIP, Ph.D., Professional Certified Coach (PCC)
Phone: 418-728-4696 Web:
Kelowna, British Columbia
Ken Buck EIP
Kimberley, Kootenays, British Columbia
Martina Danzer POH, BA Education, Professional Art Therapist (BC Art Therapy Association), Usui Reiki Master
Phone: 250-427-9707 Web:
Lethbridge, Alberta
Roxy L. Wright POH, MH, EC Riding Instructor, Centered Riding Instructor, CanTRA Therapeutic Riding Intermediate Instructor
Phone: 403-393-5273
Magrath, Alberta
Janet Murray AA, POH, MH
Phone: 403-634-5056 Web:
Nanaimo, Vancouver Island, British Columbia
Deborah Marshall MA, AI, Registered Clinical Counselor, EFP
Phone: 250-754-7703 Web:
Roberts Creek, Vancouver Area, British Columbia
Lesley Iles POH, MH, Usui Reiki Master
Phone: 778-458-2082 Web:
Toronto area, Ontario
Andre Leclipteux EIP
Kathleen Barry Ingram MA, BCC, AI
Phone: day 416-674-1500 ext. 223, evening 905-936-4450 Web:
Wendy Golding POH
Phone: 905-936-4450 Web:
Vancouver area, British Columbia
Sandra Wallin MA, POH, Registered Clinical Counsellor, EFP (children, adults, families, groups), Expressive Arts
Phone: 604-462-9182 Web:
Williams Lake, Central Interior, British Columbia
Thea Fast POH, Equine Relationship Consultant, Riding Instructor, Horse Trainer, Youth Worker
Phone: 250-243-2198 Web:
New Zealand
New Zealand
Rosemary Wyndham-Jones RFI, Natural Horsemanship Trainer, EAGALA (ES) Facilitator, Certified Neuro Linquistic Programming Practitioner
Phone: +64(0)9-420-2040 Web:
Hawkes Bay, Havelock North
Leanne Mackay RFI, B. Psych (Hons), Registered Psychologist , Member of the New Zealand Psychological Society, Usui Reiki Level 1
Phone: + 64 (0) 276901611
North Island, Auckland
Kathy Marx RFI, EAGALA (ES) Facilitator, Parelli Level 2, Meditation Coach
Phone: +64021465033 Web:
Jane Weggery RFI, Degree in Counselling, Degree in Social Work, Member of Social Workers Registration Board and Aotearoa New Zealand Association of Social Workers, EAGALA (MH) Qualification
Phone: 027 222 3899
Wellington, Kapiti Coast region
Renee Keenan RFI, EAGALA Practitioner, Counselor
Phone: +64(0)27-601-5929 Web:
Corinne Dumont MH; POH; MBA Finance; Entrepreneur; Leader Experienced in Working with Teams, Organizational Development, Collaborative Governance and Sustainable Performance
Phone: +32 495 599 723
Kathy Pike Life Coach, author of equine books
Phone: 720-432-6616 Web:
Zutendaal, Limburg
Sanna Heijnis BA in Psychology, Music Supported EFL
Phone: +32-484-791475 Web:
Vihti (Near Helsinki)
Mari Louhi-Lehtio M.Sci, Licensed Educator and Work Counselor/Coach, Family Therapist, Certified Riding Instructor (Classical Dressage, Natural Horsemanship, Instructor Training)
Phone: + 358 40 8273452 Web:
Alsace, Aquitaine, Lorraine, Midi-pyrénées
Christophe Dreyer AI, POH, MH, Equine Osteopath
Phone: +33 6 51 28 26 09 Web:
Aquitaine, Ile de France, Midi-Pyrénées, Pays de la Loire
Anne Mathieu POH, Feng Shui Practitioner, Psychology of Environment, Geobiologist
Phone: +33 662 369 727 Web:
Artimont (Paris)
Eric Winckert POH
Phone: +33 6 72 82 81 83 Web:
Eva Reifler AI, POH, Martha Beck Life Coach
Phone: +33 6 99 19 02 95 Web:
Ile de France et Régions
Bernard Lamonnier Equicoach, Natural Horsemanship, Professional Certified Coach, Emotional Freedom Technique Practitioner, Sophrologist and Relaxation Therapist, Cardiac Coherence
Phone: +33 6 77 70 83 05 Web:
Ile de France Sud
Carole Thomas AI, POH
Phone: 00 33 (0)6 12 23 53 83 Web:
Ile-de-France, Allier, Normandie, et Pays de la Loire
Fabienne Villagrasa POH
Phone: +33 660 49 40 95 Web:
L'Isle en Dodon (31) en Midi-Pyrénées
Chantal Lambert Aruffe
Phone: +33 6 42 46 85 12 Web:
Languedoc-Roussillon, Montpellier
Cécile Lavault POH
Phone: +33 6 32 38 04 86 Web:
Merville, Nord Pas de Calais, Belgique
Claire Labaeye POH, Coach
Phone: +33 6 64 29 10 39
Sophie Marty Elissagaray POH, Energy Healing
Phone: +33 6 63 98 82 77 Web:
Nouvelle Aquitaine
Sven Texier AI, POH, Naturopathy, Emotional Intelligence Coaching
Phone: +33670211103 Web:
Carol Roush AI, POH, LMT
Sylvain Gillier-Imbs M.D. , Homeopathy, POH, MH
Phone: +33 612 18 76 56 Web:
Paris, Ile-de-France, Normandie
Laure Soulage POH, Coach, CEO of Happy Few Coaching & Training, Reiki Master
Phone: +33 153640960 or +33 608468600 Web:
Monique Miserez POH, Coach, Therapist
Phone: 0033 553 88 12 09 Web:
Provence, Marseille
Carole Thomas AI, POH
Phone: 00 33 (0)6 12 23 53 83 Web:
Region Parisienne, Bourgogne, Sud Ouest
Marie-Hélène Mauvenu-Willième POH, Executive Coach, Human Element Certified
Phone: +33 676 12 38 33 Web:
Région Parisienne, Sud-Ouest
Anne Mathieu POH, Psychology of Environment, Geobiologist, Feng Shui Practitioner
Phone: +33 662 369 727 Web:
Rhône-Alpes, Lyon
Cécile Lavault POH
Phone: +33 6 32 38 04 86 Web:
Tours, Région Centre, Loire Valley
Lorraine Tilbury POH, DVM
Phone: +33 631 32 93 01 Web:
Cécile Gilbert-Kawano POH, Coach, Personal and Professional Developpment Trainer, Hypnotherapist
Phone: +33 682 22 32 26 Web:
Arnsberg, Sauerland, NRW
Christiane Loettgen POH, Doctor, Reconnective Healing Practioner, Acupuncture
Phone: +49-2932-8994933 Web:
Augsburg, Bayern
Gesa Fuchs POH
Phone: 0049 - 176 - 420 101 74 Web:
Berlin (Potsdam)
Kerstin Kleinow POH
Phone: (0049)-331-7409319 Web:
Bispingen (Niedersachsen)
Anja Knörnschild POH
Phone: 0179 4763921
Kathleen Barry Ingram MA, BCC, AI
Phone: contact Sun Tui +44(0)1892 770 139 Web:
Frankfurt am Main
Elke Müller Reiki-Therapist (Master - Classic Usui-Reiki)
Phone: 0049 176 616 98446 Web:
Gauting, München area, Bayern
Andrea Linz-Kohler POH, Lawyer, Mediator, Coach
Phone: +49 89 89930164 or +49 179 6036841 Web:
Judith Mayer
Phone: +49-179-4780675 Web:
Heimsheim (Stuttgart area)
Elke Wedig POH, AI, Horse Expert, Alternative Medicine Healing Practitioner
Phone: +49-7033-466525 Web:
Kaub am Rhein (Cologne area)
Sabine Heimen POH, Certified Dreamwork Counselor
Phone: (0049)-171-5219707 Web:
Kirchheim Unterfranken Bayern
Natalie Frey
Phone: (0049)-9366-6323 Web:
Krefeld (NRW)
Antje Stephan POH
Phone: (+49) 178 4583384 Web:
Pforzheim (near Stuttgart)
Ulrike Elisabeth Mayer Cert. Rolfer, Alternative Medicine Practitioner
Phone: 0049-7231-290480 Web:
Regensburg, Bayern
Iris Lindner POH, Diplomas - Economics, Leadership and Human Resources Management
Phone: +49 (0)160-906 352 48 or +49 (0)949 1-954 398 50
Rinteln (Hannover area)
Berthold Schaaf POH, Psychologist
Phone: +49 172 69 38 267 Web:
Spenge (near Bielefeld)
Katja Dors POH
Phone: 0049(0) 5225-8731108
Angelica Hoelzel POH
Phone: 0049 711 7189139 Web:
Stuttgart, Kirchheim/Teck
Carol Roush AI, POH, LMT
Phone: 520-360-5740 Web:
Ulrike Dietmann
Phone: (0049)-7021-739298 Web:
Uckermark (near Berlin)
Ira Ilse Rienecker
Phone: 0049 157 842 904 88 Web:
Yvonne Monahan AI, POH, Riding Instructor (dressage, show-jumping, cross-country), Horse Trainer
Phone: +353 1 8438166 or cell + 353-1-868312840 Web:
Emma Trossarelli POH, Reiki Lev II Practitioner, RisingStar Healing™ Practioner
Phone: +39-333-80.39.244
Strassen (Luxembourg City area)
Ines Kaiser AI, Body-Psychotherapist, EFP
Phone: +352 621 497 378 Web:
Josselien Janssens POH, Equine Facilitated Personal Development Coach/Trainer
Phone: +31 (0)6 1589 3933 Web:
Ineke Rietveld POH, Lawyer, Family Constellation Coach with Horses
Phone: +31 548 76 90 19 Web:
Imelda de Smet-Kessels POH, Holistic Equine Therapist, Riding Instructor, Licensed Bach Flower Consultant
Phone: 06-22228168 (072 – 533 7510 evening) Web:
Kathy Pike Polarity Therapy Practitioner, Life Coach, Leadership Development
Phone: 720-432-6616 Web:
Elverum, Hedmark
Anita Ingebriktsvold Health Coach, Horsetrainer (OneHorseLife Teacher), Shamanic Practioner, Yoga Teacher, EAGALA Certified
Phone: +47 95219807
Kvelde (near Larvik)
Line Kristiane Støvland
Phone: + 47 98 40 93 93
Kerstin Kleinow POH
Phone: (0049)-331-7409319 Web:
Oslos area
Ulrike Dietmann
Phone: (0049)-7021-739298 Web:
Barcelona, Catalunya
Barbara Murray MBA, PhD., AI, Adult Development Consultant for Individuals, Families, and Family-Controlled Corporations
Phone: +34 619 723 046 Web:
Canton de Vaud
Monique Miserez POH, Coach, Therapist
Phone: 0033 675 22 31 01 Web:
Greppen (Lucerne area)
Beatrice Hunkeler POH
Phone: +41 79 330 30 46
Turbenthal / Zürich
Yvonne Zürcher Dipl. Tierpsychologin/-kommunikatorin
Phone: +41523851412 / +41763375282 Web:
Zug (between Lucerne and Zürich)
Marina Parris POH, MBA, Coach, Horsemanship (German, English, French)
Phone: +41 76 389 0639 Web:
United Kingdom
Bath & N.E. Somerset
Rosie Withey AI, POH, BHSII Riding Coach
Phone: +44 (0) 7775 594294 Web:
Bradley, Staffordshire
Felicity Glenister
Phone: 07540 475962 Web:
Bristol, Avon
Natasha Alexander BSc (Honors)
Phone: +44 (0) 7793 039475 Web:
East Sussex / Kent
Natasha Albeer POH, BA (Hons) English / Philosophy, Usui & Tibetan Reiki Master
Phone: 07981 025656 Web:
Edinburgh, Scotland
Yong Kai Ow PhD, POH, MH
Phone: 1-510-501-0853 or (44) 07516018875
Hampshire (near Winchester)
Anna Pell POH, MH, MBA, T-Touch Practitioner (Equine), Change Management Consultant & Development Coach
Phone: +44 (0)7788 590927
Heather Bain POH, BSc (Hons)
Phone: +44 744 671 5028 Web:
Leominster, Herefordshire
Angela Dunning BA (Honors)
Phone: +44 (0)7583 726207 Web:
Llanishen, Monmouthshire
Miranda Carey POH, MH, Accredited Counselor, Couples Counselor & Family Systemic Practitioner, EFP
Phone: 01600-861813 Web:
Sally Nilsson POH, Certified Professional Coach, LLB (Lawyer)
Phone: +44 7825 943468 / +506 8483 4429
Shropshire (Near Telford & Shrewsbury)
Carol Roush AI, POH, LMT
Caroline Morgan AI, POH, BHSAI Riding Instructor
Phone: +44(0)7816 9454112 Web:
Mike Khan AI, BSc. (Agric.), MSc (Eq.St.), BHSII, BHSI(S.M.)
Phone: +44(0)7977 467455 Web:
Sussex (between Tunbridge Wells and Gatwick)
Kathleen Barry Ingram MA, BCC, AI
Phone: contact Sun Tui +44 1342 850330 Web:
Sun Tui POH, AI, EFP, ICS Supervisor in Psychotraumatology, PG Dip. PTSD and Complex Trauma, EMDR Level III, ESTSS Psychotraumatology Cert., Equine Instructor and Trainer
Phone: +44(0)1892 770 139 or cell 44 7941 246058 or skype: suntui1 Web:
Wiltshire (near Stonehenge)
Shelley Carr POH, BA (Hons), Traumatologist (Post Graduate Diploma in PTSD and Complex Trauma), Emotional Freedom Technique Practitioner
Phone: +44 (0)7801 729528 Web:
Central America
Costa Rica
Alajeula, La Fortuna
Shelley Rosenberg AI, RFI, POH
Phone: 1-888-828-9245 (toll free) Web:
Alter Equus
Karen Montealegre RFI, POH, BS, MA
Phone: 011 506 2249 4844 Web:
La Fortuna, San Carlos
Deborah Draves Legg AI, RFI, Registered Nurse
Phone: 888-828-9245 Web:
Sally Nilsson POH, Certified Professional Coach, LLB (Lawyer)
Phone: +44 7825 943468 / +506 8483 4429
Dunia Dubón de Morales POH
Phone: 502 57047661 or 502 23204214
Gisborne, Victoria
Karen Curnow BSc, MSc, Change and Adaptive Leadership Facilitator, Consultant and Coach
Phone: +61 (0) 419 882 320 Web:
Sue Weatherill Holistic Equine Therapist, Riding Instructor, Coach & Consultant
Phone: 0411119594
Lower Kalgan, Western Australia
Louise Hillman
Phone: +61 0448 464 232 or +61 (08) 9846 4232
New South Wales
Kathy Pike Polarity Therapy Practitioner, Life Coach, Leadership Development
Phone: 720-432-6616 Web:
Shelley Rosenberg AI, RFI, POH, “L” Level Dressage Judge Graduate
Phone: 520-419-6467 Web:
Alane (AJ) Millions POH, Cert. III in Sport Coaching Equestrian Foundation Building for Horses (Natural Horsemanship)
Phone: 07 54470814 or 0421161112 Web:
Queensland Nambour
Ben Skerrett RFI, Diploma of Counselling, Natural Horsemanship Clinician
Phone: +61413072922 Web:
Sydney, NSW
Judy Brightman BA, RDA Coach, Leadership Assessment & Development Coach, Accredited in Advanced MBTI, CPI, Saville
Phone: +61 414 336690 Web:
Kristen Ableson Intuition/Synergy Coach, Animal Communicator, BAppSc(Physio), BSc
Phone: +61 422560120 Web:
Tamworth, NSW
Kylie Peters AI, RFI, Psychologist, EFP, Assoc MAPS, BSc, Post Graduate Diploma Psychology, Graduate Diploma Horse Business Management, Adventures in Awareness Graduate
Phone: +61 (0)411 026 995
No instructors in this area
Yong Kai Ow PhD, POH, MH
Phone: 1-510-501-0853 or (44) 07516018875
Subukia (Nairobi)
Carole Thomas AI, POH
Phone: 00 33 (0)6 12 23 53 83 Web:
South Africa
Kyalami, Gauteng
Megan Jackson (now Randall) BCom, Ttouch (TTEAM) Practitioner-1, Neuro Linguistic Programming Practitioner, Trauma Release (TRE) Practitioner-2
Phone: +2782 651 1430 Web:
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