We are not Machines! — Reclaiming Our Humanity and Recovering Lost Wisdom Through the Healing Power of Nature and Animals

Best-selling author and equine-facilitated learning pioneer, Linda Kohanov, returns to France and the Netherlands in September/early October to share cutting edge research and life-enhancing nature-inspired wisdom for humans. As usual, she will offer several shorter, evening presentations, demonstrations, and book signings that give people a taste of her innovative work, as well as two in-depth, equine-facilitated workshops for smaller groups of people who want to experience the transformational power of the horse-human bond.

Linda’s first stop is France, where her fifth book The Five Roles of a Master Herder: A Revolutionary Model for Socially Intelligent Leadership will be released in French translation on September 3. The book demonstrates that leadership is not just a corporate or political concern, but an important stage of human development that parents, teachers, therapists, clergy, social activists, nonprofit and community organizers, equestrians, and animal rescue advocates must master to help others reach their full potential. In the process, Linda elucidates a vision of intelligent, balanced, compassionate power that works for the good of the herd and the tribe.

“Based on the ancient traditions of nomadic herding cultures, this model resurrects knowledge that was in many cases lost when people settled in cities,” Linda says. “As we separated ourselves from the rhythms of nature and the life-sustaining, mutually-transformational relationships our ancestors had with animals, we became more disconnected from a way of life that supported connection and joy, even in the midst of life’s challenges.

“These days it’s common to treat animals and humans as objects. Some of us even imagine ourselves as biological machines, relinquishing our humanity to fit into an increasingly mechanized culture. Of course, we should use technology to enhance our lives. All too often, however, we get drawn into a dim, disconnected, stressful view of a reality that humans created when some of us thought it would be worthwhile to enslave other races and species. The Matrix and Terminator movies offer disturbing images of what the world looks and feels like when machines take over and use people as commodities. But for many of us, this is a metaphor for something that is already happening.

Linda Kohanov in Belgium 2018

“The good news is science has progressed to the point where we can now prove that the mammalian nervous system is designed to seek and enhance safety and health through mutually-supportive relationships with people and animals. The research my colleagues and I have been doing over the last five years, in particular, show us why the human-animal bond is particularly effective in relieving stress, enhancing physiological and psychological health, and helping us to not only regain our humanity but to truly thrive in life.”

Linda will share startling new research results that in some cases turn our notions about the human-animal bond inside out and upside down. She will also show how people in the fields of equine-facilitated learning and equine-facilitated therapy can translate this research into specific horse activities that change lives. Finally, in her two, multi-day equine-facilitated workshops, Linda and her horse colleagues in France and Holland will give participants the experience of how science and spirit come together through a deeper connection with nature’s hidden wisdom.

Linda’s gift for introducing new scientific research and theories in ways that are moving, engaging, and ultimately inspiring will come through in a variety of public events during her upcoming European tour, as well as in the workshops she will lead at her scenic Arizona ranch when she returns home in mid-October.

“Linda’s books come alive in this visually inspiring and intellectually original culmination of her work,” says Beverly Kane, MD, Stanford School of Medicine, who attended a Five Roles-based seminar near San Francisco last year. “She is once again the brilliant voice of associative thinking, using science, spirit, and stories to dig deep into our history and into our hearts. What evolves is a striking new narrative on our non-predatory co-evolution with multiple species of animals.”


The following list of dates for Linda’s European tour offer links for registration and more information. For additional questions, contact info@eponaquest.com.

In France: 

Beyond Words: The Art and Science of Sentient Communication

An in-depth equine-facilitated workshop


Compassion and Power: An Innovative Approach to Leadership and Social Intelligence

An indoor presentation introducing the Five Roles of a Master Herder.

  • Date: Thursday, October 3rd, 6:30 to 9:30 (please arrive at 6:00 PM, 6:15 PM at the latest)
  • Location: Paris (Forum 104 – 104 rue de Vaugirard)
  • For More Information and/or Registration: https://bit.ly/31oJvS5 


Balance of Power: The Five Roles in Action

A demonstration with horses of activities that enhance human potential.

  • Date: Friday, October 4th, 6:00 PM (please arrive at 5:30 PM, 5:45 PM at the latest)
  • Location: Wattrelos (near Lille)
  • For More Information and/or Registration: https://bit.ly/2ZI4rDc


In the Netherlands:

The Heart of Evolution: Exploring the Hidden History and Untapped Potential of the Human-Animal Bond

 A three-hour presentation.

  • Date: Thursday, October 10, 7:00 PM to 10:00 PM
  • Location: Galloper Ranch, Tweelweg 1, Terschuur (near Amersfoort), the Netherlands
  • For More Information and/or Registration: https://www.krachtvandekudde.nl/4165-2/


Beyond Words: The Art and Science of Sentient Communication

A three-day equine-facilitated workshop



For more information on Linda’s fall and winter workshops in the United States, see www.eponaquest.com


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