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Mirror of Relationships: A One-Day Experiential Workshop with Linda Kohanov

February 28, 2016


Cost: $647 (Price includes admission to the February 26, 2016 Evening with Linda Kohanov Lecture. A portion of the proceeds go directly to Horselink, a non-profit organization.)

For More Information or To Register: http://www.equineassistedlearningcenter.com/news/ or contact Sarah Janosik at 512-507-5705

Looking honestly at how we respond in relationship provides a deeper glimpse of who we are than any mirror hanging on the wall.
— From Way of the Horse by Linda Kohanov

woman & horse silouetteSeveral times a day, we look in the mirror—perhaps to comb or blow dry our hair, apply make up, adjust jewelry, knot a tie, or check the effect a particular suit, dress, shirt, or pair of jeans has on our appearance.

But “seeing” our soul’s reflection requires a different kind of mirror. Looking honestly at how we approach, speak to, and react to family, friends and strangers—in times of peace and in times of conflict—offers a tremendous store of information for personal, professional, and spiritual development.

Among humans, however, the mirror of relationship is often tarnished by social systems that pressure people to act in-authentically in order to conform. To please others, we may hide our feelings, suppress our dreams, and, in the process, lose sight of who we really are.

Horses provide a much clearer mirror of the soul’s true nature. They have a tremendous capacity to reflect our authentic feelings, desires, frustrations, and untapped gifts. In this way, they allow us to see more clearly who we really are and, over time, help us discover how to bring our unique perspectives and talents into the world.

Linda Kohanov first experienced this life-changing phenomenon with her horse Tabula Rasa. As she wrote in a tribute to this black Arabian mare:

“Horses actively mirror the nuances of how people show up each day, highlighting our hidden gifts, our wounds, our vulnerabilities, and our worn-out worldly habits. And yet somehow they manage to be discerning without a hint of judgment, communicating that at the core, we too are beautiful, powerful, and wise, capable of endless renewal.

“Looking at my own reflection through the eyes of Tabula Rasa, I came to see human dysfunctions as surface scintillations, dramatic and sometimes irritating to be sure, but certainly not set in stone. Whenever I managed, through grace or sheer stubborn will, to let go of an old pattern and embody a fresh perspective, Rasa would mirror the transformation, welcoming me home to an ever-deeper understanding of who I really was. And without the slightest hint of ambition, she would continually up the ante, stretching, relentlessly, my own limited ideas about my place in the world, my calling, my untapped potential, and even, as it turns out, the nature of reality itself.”

In this one-day experiential workshop with Linda Kohanov, you will not only have an opportunity to experience the horse as mirror, you will learn how to take the perspective that horses provide back to the human world.
You’ll learn how to engage in mutually respectful relationships with others. You’ll discover how to use emotions as information, as horses do. You’ll learn how to read the nonverbal language of your own body and that of others, and in the process, tap a powerful source of wisdom. In seeing your own body as “the horse your mind rides around on,” in forming a partnership with your body as a sentient being, not a machine, you will gain greater access to intuition and creativity.

No horse experience necessary.


February 28, 2016
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Bastrop, Texas – Horselink
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