A Message from Linda

After spending huge amounts of time alone, virtually tied to my computer during the four years it took to write The Power of the Herd, I’m having so much fun going on tour, meeting new people and reconnecting with old friends. I’ve been doing lots of fascinating interviews as well, and will be sharing the most informative and provocative of these conversations with you in the coming months.

Layla Photo by Lucinda Vette
Photo by Lucinda Vette

I’m always amazed and inspired by the questions people ask. Answering unexpected questions helps me to make things clearer and more conscious, which often leads to the creation of new tools and equine-experiential activities to exercise those tools. An interview I did in the San Francisco area is a great example of how new insights come to light from these thoughtful exchanges.

Anthony Wright, host of the Attunement radio show on KWMR, helped me clarify a common misconception. About halfway through our hour-long interview, he asked me to explain how working with horses increases intuitive, non-cognitive communication. My response was thoroughly unexpected from his point of view. When you work with horses consciously, nonverbal communication IS cognitive, I told him; it’s just not verbal.

Anthony’s initial, and quite common, perspective stems from the fact that modern humans have over-emphasized verbal and written communication. Many people can’t even conceive that large amounts of information can be INTENTIONALLY conveyed outside the extremely limited context of words. This is an important part of what horses teach: how to consciously notice, process, and respond to nonverbal information coming from the environment, other beings, and the vast reaches of your own mind and spirit.

Working with horses as teachers and guides is the best way I know of to regain connection with the initially elusive insights that give rise to great art, true innovation, and deep transformation—those experiences we sometimes categorize as mystical simply because they are hard to talk about in words. This is a subject I cover extensively in Chapter 9 of my new book, a chapter titled “The Invisible.” Horses help us see what was previously invisible and understand what was previously unspoken. This is a subject covered in depth through a variety of experiential horse activities and creativity-boosting tools in the four-day workshop “Harnessing the Invisible,” which will be held at my ranch in Amado, AZ in November.

But it was fun to riff with Anthony on this subject when it arose naturally in our radio conversation back in June, along with a host of other intriguing subjects. Thanks Anthony for an enriching, thoroughly enjoyable interview!

To hear this interview in its entirety go to www.eponaquest.com (and scroll down to “A New Interview with Linda”).

Ask Linda

As a result of these rich exchanges, I thought it would be fun to invite readers of the Eponaquest News to send questions to me directly, which I will answer in upcoming issues of this e-newsletter. Please send your questions, with whatever version of your name and location you’d like to see credited in this forum to me at rasa@eponaquest.com . (First and last names would be great, but if

you’re a bit on the shy side feel free to use your first name only or a “pen-name.”)

Layla Photo by Lucinda Vette
Photo by Lucinda Vette

Tour Update

We’ve been receiving quite a response to the variety of workshops offered on my August tour of the Greater Chicago and Minneapolis areas. To check out the various events, see http://eponaquest.com/lindas-tour-schedule/. Based on numerous requests, we just added an online payment and registration option to the majority of my workshops on tour and all of the workshops I’m facilitating at my home base in Arizona (http://eponaquest.com/workshop-registration/).

Also we just had a last-minute cancellation from a couple who registered for the two-day equine experiential workshop “Horses: Our Guides on the Shamanic Path,” which will be held August 10 and 11 near Chicago. (To see a description http://eponaquest.com/lindas-tour-schedule/) That means that two places have opened up for this previously full workshop.

And finally, I just added two events that I will be doing in New York City in early October.

Hope to see you on the road this summer, and/or in Arizona for a host of in-depth experiential workshops starting up again in mid-October.

Best wishes for a relaxing, enriching, and rejuvenating summer!


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