Epona’s New Website and Summer Workshop Updates

A note from Epona founder Linda Kohanov:

After taking notes on many of your comments on ways to create a more user friendly version of the Epona website, we have just launched a new website — www.eponaquest.com.  Special thanks to staff members Carol Roush and Sue Smades for working closely with Chad Bush of Raven’s Eye Design.  We have plans for additional features, including interviews and readings from my upcoming book, but in the meantime, we hope the new site is more engaging and easier to use.

Also, if you haven’t checked out the latest edition of the Epona News, now’s a great time to do that at http://eponaquest.com/2011/april-2011-news.  We have received inquiries about the special summer workshop “Horses of the Four Directions:  A Sacred Path of Remembrance, Gratitude and Transformation,” which will feature an accomplished, compassionate medicine man and one of his apprentices from the northern Arizona-New Mexico Dine’ (Navajo) nation (see the newsletter for their bios).  They will collaborate with us at Epona at Eagle Way to combine the more spiritually-based lessons from the Epona herd with traditional Dine’ horse-related songs, ceremonies, and creation stories.  (One exciting synchronicity for those of you who’ve read “Riding Between the Worlds,” concerns yet another example of an archetype that Rasa and Merlin’s twin sons brought to life:  the overwhelming number of cross-cultural myths about male “divine twins” who are directly related to horses in some way.  I was quite excited to hear that the Dine’ creation myth of the horse involves yet another example of this universal theme:  male twin heros who bring the horse to the people as part of a redemptive journey to the otherworld.)

We still have four spaces left in this advanced workshop, and several people have asked if previous attendance at the Pioneering Spirit workshop can qualify them to attend (in addition to the other workshop pre-requisistes listed in the newsletter).  Yes, because of the intense collaborative group work involved, this workshop does count as a prerequisite for this very special collaboration with our Dine’ brothers who are traveling the way of the horse through their own profound tradition.

We also still have a few spaces remaining in the June advanced workshop Black Horse Wisdom.  For more information or to register contact Sue Smades at sue@eponaquest.com or 520-455-5908.

Best wishes!

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