March 2023 Newsletter

The Tao of Equus

Linda Kohanov’s 2001 best-seller The Tao of Equus was one of the first books to explore the mental, emotional, spiritual and transformational dimensions of the horse-human bond. She courageously shared mind expanding, life changing experiences that she and other adventurous people were having with their horses. That book has since become a classic, influencing the fields of equine-facilitated learning and therapy, as well as more adventurous horse trainers and riders. The book’s success also encouraged others to write their own books on the wisdom that horses are willing to share with people.

“A few months ago,” she says, “I was looking for a particular quote from that book for a presentation I was preparing. In scanning through the pages, I began to wish that I could revise it. When I first wrote The Tao of Equus back in the late 1990s into 2000, there simply wasn’t the science to back up the many profound and very much repeatable experiences people were having with horses. Then right before Christmas 2022, I got an email from my editor Jason Gardener literally asking me if I would be at all interested in revising the book. I called him up and told him he must be psychic or something because that was exactly what I had been thinking. I’m so pleased that my publisher New World Library has commissioned me to rewrite The Tao of Equus in 2023 to include this updated information, as well as some experiences with the horses that I was still a bit too nervous to include in that book.”

In honor of this new project in process, Linda is offering a workshop titled The Tao of Equus 2023. This four-day experiential journey, held April 6 to 9, offers a tour of some of the most powerful insights the horses have to offer people. Linda will also share some of the latest scientific research on how and why horses are so effective in helping humans become more balanced, empowered, compassionate, and connected to deeper sources of inspiration.

“I’m excited that I will be able to share some clarifying theories and studies with the participants at The Tao of Equus 2023 workshop this spring, months before others will be able to access this information in the updated book I’m currently writing. I hope to see you there!”

You can receive 20 percent off the upcoming Tao of Equus workshop by contacting by March 24. (We will send you an invoice for the discounted tuition by email.)

No horse experience necessary. All activities are on the ground with carefully trained horses who are experienced teachers of people from all walks of life. For more information:

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