New, Self-Paced, Online Courses from Linda Kohanov

“The horse stands at the place where all trails come together, and a new moon shines upon us. To retrace the steps of sorrow and injustice, courage, compassion and innovation—elevated by a being that has been used for both conquest and freedom—is to know the dark and light of power.

“To become a student of the horse—rather than a calculating, disconnected master—is to master our own predatory tendencies, reclaiming our original calling to move beyond instinct in partnership with nature, tapping our potential to become empowered, compassionate individuals capable of rallying the endlessly evolving, fully conscious forces of a truly empowered herd.” (from The Power of the Herd by Linda Kohanov)

As a pioneer in equine-facilitated learning and the author of five critically acclaimed books, Linda Kohanov has spent over 25 years translating the inspiring lessons people learn from working with horses into innovative principles for excelling in personal and professional settings, helping people from all walks of life become more effective, successful, and fulfilled in all their endeavors.

Through her extensive research and experience, Linda has developed a groundbreaking methodology that incorporates the wisdom she learned from horses into a practical, applicable framework for human development. And the best part? You don’t need to have any prior experience with horses or previous interest in horses to learn how to employ these innovative, nature-based skills at work, at home, at school and in wider cultural contexts. These same skills will also help you develop stronger, more satisfying relationships with horses and other animals, including those that have been mistreated.

In her new online workshops, Linda will guide you through a range of exercises and techniques that will help you develop emotional and social intelligence, and strengthen your leadership abilities. You’ll learn to recognize and manage your emotions, express yourself more clearly and authentically, and build stronger, more productive relationships with others. You’ll also learn how to set more effective boundaries, be assertive without becoming aggressive, and help other people and animals move through fear and aggression, build trust, and enjoy life more fully.

Check out the self-paced courses available now at her new online course hub and receive a 15% discount by using the coupon code “15success” when you enroll:

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