Sentient Communication on Tour: Mindful, Heart-Centered Intelligence for Personal Well Being, Professional Success and Social Transformation

Best-selling author and equine-facilitated-learning pioneer Linda Kohanov will lead a series of workshops on Sentient Communication around the US and in Europe, starting with her only East Coast appearance in 2019: Memorial Day weekend at the Rowe Center, a scenic residential retreat complex in Massachusetts. She will also lead four other Sentient Communication workshops over the next six months: in Montana, France, the Netherlands, and Arizona. (The complete schedule, with registration links, is featured at the end of this newsletter.)

To discover more about the life-, health- and relationship-enhancing skills you can learn through the Sentient Communication® program, see the video Linda recently made with her blue-eyed mare Leyla:


Body, Mind, Spirit, and Relationship

Barbara Rector, co-founder of the Equine Facilitated Mental Health Association and a major innovator in the field, attended the February 2018 Sentient Communication workshop. “It was by far the most significant Eponaquest seminar yet,” she reported. “I spent several days basking in the integrated heart energy of our group, studying and practicing Sentient Communication with the horses and the wonderful people who attended. It was a remarkably spiritual experience, even as it also had a very practical side and an emphasis on research-based tools and information.”

Based on 20 years of research and development in multiple fields, Linda launched this new modality in 2017. Titled Beyond Words: The Art and Science of Sentient Communication, workshops based on this program have quickly become among her most successful to date.

“I had profound experiences that will be pivotal in my own work, which is more than I had dared hope for before I came,” noted Barb Ganske, an avid equestrian who owns a family-run business. The program inspired her to become an Eponaquest Instructor in 2019. “It was a particularly fantastic workshop because the horses all had different personalities and different key pieces to teach, and also because of the deep level of personal awareness exhibited by the participants, some of whom were skilled therapists. I was surprised how effective the [techniques] can be to engage horses and humans. And I was pleased that Linda also incorporated elements from her most recent book The Five Roles of a Master Herder. I had read it before, but I was happy to hear it from the source and see how these roles fit into her new work on Sentient Communication.”

“Each activity built on and enriched the next one, and all stood out as amazing, heartfelt learning experiences,” marveled Patty Forward who attended the February 2018 Beyond Words workshop. “Linda’s informative presentation on what she characterizes as ‘the grammar of sentient, nonverbal communication’ set the stage with applicable examples to solidify the concepts that we practiced with the horses. Wow…to find this missing piece of the Sentient Communication puzzle was fantastic!”


Programs for Different Goals and Interests

“Over the last three years, I’ve created varied formats of the Sentient Communication workshop, some for people who want to sample the basic skills, others for people who would really like to immerse themselves in deeper versions of this work,” Linda says.

“The Rowe Center workshop in May is an overview seminar for a larger group of participants in a retreat center environment that’s like a summer camp for adults. It is a fun and economical way to experience the Sentient Communication model. Participants will take away key skills that help them form stronger relationships with humans and animals. The dining hall serves delicious, primarily vegetarian food, and there are massages and other health-supporting services right on site.

“This workshop will also cover important new research on the healing potential of the human-animal bond, some of it so new it hasn’t been published yet. There really is something for everyone. People who work in mental health and equine-facilitated learning fields will receive cutting edge information and tools to enhance their practices. There are some fascinating studies, for instance, that show what benefits working with horses, in particular, can have on your physical as well as mental, emotional and spiritual health, and what benefits can be accessed through working with other animals. Horse trainers and animal rescue workers will learn some relatively simple yet counterintuitive ways to calm frightened or aggressive animals that will be useful the day they return home. These same innovative tools are helpful for parents, teachers, healthcare workers, and leaders of humans.”

The Memorial Day weekend workshop will include a field trip to a New England barn for demonstrations with horses, as well as interpersonal mindfulness techniques enhanced by an instructive use of biofeedback devices and human-to-human experiential activities.

Linda will also lead Sentient Communication workshops in other regions this year, including Missoula, Montana in July, France in September, the Netherlands in October, and back at her Arizona home base in November. These are more-extended, in-depth, equine-facilitated workshops for smaller groups of people.

“Full equine-facilitated workshops require a larger tuition to cover the many costs involved, but we go deeper and practice some additional skills directly with the horses,” Linda reports. “However, I’ve also included a one-day introductory overview in Missoula that provides a quick look at the research and key skills involved in the Sentient Communication modality. I’m always looking for ways to serve people with different interest levels—those who are curious and perhaps a bit hesitant, as well as those who want to experience the full potential of equine-facilitated work.”

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